5 Accessories You Need For Your Piano Right Now

5 Accessories You Need For Your Piano Right Now

The more we stay at home, the more we come to appreciate the little things. 

Music falls into that category. Where we once spread ourselves thin, running from event to event, barely fitting it all in, we now have time to sit back and think about what’s important. 

If you’ve taken a second look at the piano sitting in your living space, and are dedicated to music a bigger part of your life, there are a few accessories you should invest in now.

Piano stool or bench

You can’t pull up a chair and play the piano correctly. Different players need different heights. If you have an uncomfortable seat, it can impact your posture and hand positioning. It can also lead to poor technique. 

Music stand

Depending on the piano you’re using, it’s important to have the right music stand in the right place at the right height. For grand pianos, you can get sophisticated and decorative. For a digital keyboard, something portable may be your top requirement. It’s important to get one of high quality that can withstand years of use. 


Piano practice doesn’t always occur in the middle of the day with perfect natural lighting. That’s why having the right light is so important. Can you see the music without squinting, moving forward, and losing your good posture? Does it add or detract from your music room? With so many options in piano lighting, find the one that’s right for you. 


Think headphones are only for keyboards? Think again. With many of today’s pianos, headphones aren’t just optional, they’re required for easy practicing. How many times has your household been too busy to practice? By putting a pair of headphones on, you can practice anytime without disturbing those around you. 


All levels of piano players will benefit from having a metronome. It allows you to stay on track with tempo, and improve the way you play through difficult selections of music. It’s great for learning pieces on your own, but is equally important when practicing to play with a larger group. It ensures you’re playing at the proper rhythm. 

Do you have the right piano for your needs? Do you have all the accessories to ensure your piano playing is on target? If not, we can help. Give us a call today, and we can help you outfit the perfect music room for your needs. 

The Must-Have Accessories Every Piano Player Wants

The Must-Have Accessories Every Piano Player Wants

Whether you’re trying to find the perfect gift for the piano player in your life, or are trying to outfit your own music room at home, it takes more than a piano to be a great player. Like every hobby, playing better means purchasing several piano accessories that will help playing and practice to be even better. 

Piano Stool

Yes, you can sit down to play the piano on anything. But if you want better practice, and ultimately want to become a better player, the piano stool is an important part of the process. Without the right piano stool, you’ll have poor posture and hand positioning at the keyboard, which can lead to back and arm strain, and eventually carpal tunnel. The right stool allows you to play more comfortably for a longer period of time. 

A Stand

Depending on the piano you select, you’ll need a place to put your music rather than leaving it strewn all over a table. Be sure it’s wide enough to handle the music you wish to play. If you’re investing in a digital keyboard, you’ll also have to select a keyboard stand. Is portability important? Or do you prefer something more permanent within your home? 


It’s not just digital pianos that allow you to use headphones while you’re playing. Some acoustic pianos now offer you the option of being able to use them too. Headphones are a great way to allow you to practice night or day, without interrupting other activities within the household. It’s also a great way of practicing through rough spots without the embarrassment of having those around you hear your mistakes. 

A Metronome

When you have a metronome nearby, it allows you to develop tempo with every song you play. It can be difficult working through more difficult pieces. A metronome helps you build up to the tempo you choose, and allows you to stay consistent throughout the song. 

Do you have the right piano for all of your needs? We can help. Stop by today and see our full line of pianos. There’s something for everyone, at every skill level, and for every taste. We can help you choose based on your needs and desires. 

New Accessories For Your Piano

New Accessories For Your Piano

While your new piano is self-sufficient and doesn’t require a lot of things to make it operational, there are a few accessories that you might want to consider.

Piano Covers

New Accessories For Your PianoIn most homes, a piano is more than an instrument; it’s a part of the décor. Because of the quality, it’s often purchased to match other furniture throughout the home, and is designed to add value and charm to whatever room you choose. However, if you’ve purchased a piano for a church or a school, a piano cover may be in order to protect the piano’s finish from accidental damage, as they are usually placed in rooms with a lot of activity. Piano covers come in vinyl or mackintosh, which is a very tight weave fabric that provides water resistance. Most are black or brown in color, and have a fleece like material on the inside to keep the piano finish safe and scratch free. You can get thicker pads for more protection if your piano is moved on a frequent basis.

Bench Cushions

In order to make your wooden piano bench softer, a bench cushion is available. Bench cushions are made in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, colors and fabrics. They come in tufted or box edged format, and all have straps to secure them around the bench.

Grand Piano String Covers

String covers are available for your grand piano, designed as a way to provide a reduction in sound volume, and to be used as protection against dust. They are available in a variety of colors designed to compliment your piano’s finish.

Caster Cups

Caster cups are small cups to be placed under the wheels of a piano in order to protect the flooring. They come in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes and materials, including plastic, wood and acrylic. You can find them designed to match your piano, or choose acrylic to allow the carpet or hardwood flooring to show through. If the caster cup has felt on the bottom, be aware that the color dye can sometimes bleed through into the carpeting because of the weight and pressure applied.

Pedal Extenders

A pedal extender is designed to aid a person whose feet do not comfortably reach the pedals. They can be as simple as a brass pedal that bolts onto the existing pedal, or a more sophisticated box design that is finished to match the piano and give it a complimentary look.


Whether you are a teacher or a student, a metronome is designed to help improve timing. Metronomes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, and are available from the very basic to new digital models.


Whether you choose lighting that attaches to your piano, or a lamp that sits off to the side, good lighting is essential as you read through your music. Whatever your tastes, there are lighting choices perfect to compliment your décor.

Have additional needs for your piano? Give us a call or stop by today for one of the widest selections of piano accessories in the Memphis area.

Piano Accessories for Improving Your Piano Performance

Piano Accessories for Improving Your Piano Performance

Playing the piano takes a lot of practice and dedication. With patience and time, you can greatly improve your piano performance. However, you need certain accessories in order to accomplish your piano playing goals.

Here is a list of some piano accessories you will need in order to improve your piano performance and protect your investment:

Bench– While consumer-grade pianos usually come with their own benches, performance-grade pianos are usually sold separately. If you are looking for comfort, padded benches are a good choice. Benches will solid tops last longer, but they are susceptible to scratching. Bench cushions are also available for solid tops. You can also purchase an adjustable bench if multiple people in your family will be playing on a regular basis.Piano Accessories for Improving Your Piano Performance

Lamp– Playing the piano requires lighting that allows you to read the music without shadows. This is when a piano lamp comes in handy. You can get a floor model or a desk version, and of course there are all kinds of sizes and styles. Fluorescent lamps will result in a softer and less harsh light that will suffice for your piano playing.

String covers– These are highly recommended for grand pianos, and come in many different colors. Wool string covers protect the strings from dust. Simply place the fabric over the sound board and strings when not in use.

Cover– Have a lot of action in the area where your piano resides? You’ll want to protect your investment by covering your piano. There are many piano covers available to protect its finish. They come in many sizes to fit your particular piano, and are available in water-resistant fabrics.

Caster cups– Placed under the wheels of grand and vertical piano, caster cups protect your carpeting and floor. They are available in plastic, wood, and in clear acrylic that allows the carpet or hardwood floor to show through.

Piano Accessories

Piano Accessories

Ready to invest in a piano and begin to make beautiful music within your home? Pianos can add music, style and ambiance for years to come.

But investing in a good piano doesn’t stop at selecting a great piano. There are many other things that go into the selection process, and ultimately the proper technique of piano playing once you settle in to a routine.Piano Accessories

Piano Bench

To play the piano properly, you’ll need more than your average chair. Proper playing involves being at the proper height and having proper access to the keys from your shoulders and your wrists. If you aren’t comfortable playing, you could cause stress and injury to your arms, neck and back, and ultimately lose interest in playing. A good piano bench offers you all the tools you need for proper sitting at the instrument.

Sheet Music

Sheet music comes in a variety of formats. Chat with your piano dealer at the time of purchase about options in finding sheet music. You can start with books at all levels of playing. Then migrate into preferred music choices – virtually all types and sounds of music today can be found in sheet music. The more you enjoy what you play, the more you’ll play.

Piano Lamps

Piano lamps come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and styles. Some styles allow you to clip the lamp directly to the music desk to have directional light where you need it most. Some piano lamps are shelf designed, sitting on top of the piano and allowing light to fall naturally over the music and the keys. Still others are vertical floor lamps that allow you to move them in to a convenient height and location for the person playing the piano. Whatever your desire, whatever your preference, there’s a perfect lamp for you.


A metronome is a practice tool that produces steady beats that help a piano player learn rhythm accurately. Most metronomes are capable of producing beats from 35 to 250 beats per minute, giving you full function for any song you choose to learn and play. Metronomes come in all formats, from online to free standing.

Have even more needs? Talk with us about making your piano playing experience the best it can be. With decades of experience in the industry, we have offered lots of advice, and will be happy to make your experience all it can be as well.