MANUFACTURER FACTS Wurlitzer Est. 1856 by Franz Rudolph Wurlitzer in New York. In 1880 Wurlitzer started to make piano’s – Through science, research and ingenuity. Wurlitzer has developed such exclusive features as tone crafted Hammers, Pentagonal Sound Board, Augmented Sound Board and many others to provide a greater volume of rich, resonant tone – They have a unique finish called “Wurl-on” highly resistant to heat, cold, dryness, and moisture as well as mars, scratches, and abrasions an attractive as well as durable and long-lasting finish – Wurlitzer pianos give enduring satisfaction and are a handsome addition to any setting.

MODEL Baby Grand C153

Description Serial # 77810 Traditional High Polished Ebony With Custom Matching Bench action – 15 year warranty with complete buyer protection plan