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Dear Mr.Coltharp, Just wanted touch base and tell you that it was truely a pleasure to purchase my piano. I felt very at ease with no pressure in my purchase of my Pramberger piano. I appreciatte your time ,and effort in showing me about the process of making the piano. It was truely helpful in me choosing the piano that was right for me. I would also like to tell you that the delivery ,and set-up was done in a very professional way. Its truely a breath of fresh air to still see a bussiness that remembers what customer service is. yours truly,

Vincent Kelley
Dear Russ, I wanted to express to you how important you have been to me and to the various enterprises I have been fortunate to have ben involved in over the years. as President of the Peabody hotel in memphis, I depended on you to take care of the various pianos we owned and had throughout the Hotel. You always did a superb job in tuning and setting up the instruments. As you know The Peabody was founded on people having a wonderful experience and enjoying themselves. Music was one of the most effective lubricants we had going for us. The piano often is part of that formula wether it involved Burt Bacharach in the Skyway or Jason D in Mallards. When I opened Kiva Studios with Joe Walsh, you were there again to assist us in keeping and maintaining the stringent standards necessary for a World Class studio. I always deferred to our knowledge and experience and you never let me down. So all in all we have been working together since 1981 and it is a joy and honor to count you as part of our extended family. I just wanted to express my appreciation to you for the many years of your taking care of things for me. Be always Happy, With Love

Gary R Belz
House Of Blues Studios
I trust Russell Cortharp implicitly when it comes to the care and maintenance of our vintage and historic pianos. He is meticulous and thorough in his analysis of problems and the design of treatment plans. Russell bends over backward to work with our schedule and locations. I recommend him, without hesitation to other owners of vintage and collectible instrument or to those in search of a special piano for their home. Always a joy to work with.

Carolyn Tate Vice President, Museum Services
Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum
I am happy to write this letter on your behalf. We have enjoyed a very special professional relationship for well over 30 years-getting close to 40 years. You have taken care of pianos for us in many different locations, including at The Peabody Hotel, as well as in my private home and offices, and other hotels that we previously had. Your professionalism is superb. Your devotion to your field of expertise is outstanding, and the quality of your work is absolutely excellent. It is my pleasure to make this statement freely and with enthusiasm. lfthere is anything more I can do for you in this connection, please let me know. Very truly yours,

Jack A Belz, Chairman and CEO
I have worked with Russell Coltharp, both personally and professionally, for at least forty years. Russell is knowledgeable, dependable, and a pleasure with whom to do business. As the first Executive Director of Memphis in May, founding Executive Director of Arts in the Park and then Executive Director/President of the Memphis Symphony, I found I could call on him and expect prompt, efficient and honest work. Personally, Coltharp Piano World serviced my mother's piano in Dyer, Tennessee, and also has been responsible for care of my own Steinway in my home. It gives me great pleasure to recommend Russell Coltharp and Coltharp Piano World for personal attention and exceptional service.

Martha Ellen Maxwell
In December 2012,we purchased an old Mehlin baby grand piano that had been left to the elements and exposed to dampness that caused some damage and rust.The piano played, but needed a lot of work.We contacted Russell Coltharp at Coltharp Piano World and asked him to look at the piano; if he could give us a" ballpark estimate" on what the range of costs might be for repairing the piano; and or delivering the piano to our home in Atoka,TN. Mr. Coltharp gave us some possible estimates/ranges depending on the condition of the piano when he saw it; what we wanted done and the costs or expenses on how extensive we wanted the piano refurbished, but informed us beforehand that he would need to reassess the repair estimates if we wanted him to review the piano at his shop to get a better and more accurate estimate on what needed to be done. He allowed extra time to review the piano and because of his caring for the piano and his professionalism, we decided to have the piano taken to his shop for a more accurate checkout. After his thorough review of the piano, Mr. Coltharp contacted us and went over the repairs that needed to be done to meet our expectations and to keep the costs within our budget.Hesentusa work order that was thorough and explicit on what would be done on repairing the piano. He kept within our budget and the work order estimates. There is no doubt in our minds that Mr. Coltharp and his wife created MAGIC in bringing the 93 year old Mehlin back to life and its beauty, which brought tears to my wife and me on how it turned out and sounds when we saw it for the first time after being repaired and delivered to our home and was played.Additionally,there was no piano bench for the piano when we bought it, and Mrs. Coltharp spent hours trying to locate one forus that came close to matching the style and color of the piano, which she was able to do so and was really appreciated.They LOVE what they do; they care about their customers and families that they are destined to cross paths with; and we highly recommend Russell and Karin Coltharp at Coltharp Piano World for consideration and selection to restore/refurbish/repair your piano unequivocally.

Steve & Glenda Chism - Atoka, TN
What a masterful job Mr. Coltharpe did! It was as if it was his own personal property and he handled it accordingly. Clients should be coming from all over the country to play our Steinway and we couldn't be more pleased with his superior craftsmanship and his attention to detail. Coltharpe has been around for a long, long time and we can see why. Highly recommended, 5 stars!

Gordon Alexander
Ardent Studios
Coltharp Piano World is the one and only piano service company as far as I am concerned. Russell is highly knowledgeable and talented when it comes to what makes a piano sound its best. But most importantly, he cares about his customers as do his associates. I am confident when Russell leaves my home after a service call that my piano is at its best. He always treats me fair, and over the many years of doing business with Coltharp Piano, I have built a valuable business relationship as well as a valuable friendship.

Patty Anderson
Russell and his father before him have taken care of our piano, the same piano, for close to 40 years. There are no words to express our appreciation for their courtesy and kindness to us and the faultless professional care with which they have taken care of our piano. Each tuning visit Russell makes is like meeting an old friend to renew fellowship. Anyone with a piano you care about, please call Coltharp and schedule a visit by Russell. You will not believe the magic he can bring from a piano. Peace and best wishes,

Janice and Graves Enck
We recently moved to Memphis with a grand piano that had been in storage for 3 1/2 years. Issues with the pedal assembly, hammer alignment, incomplete key return action, and tone were tamed in an amazingly short time, and to an incredibly great degree. Mr Coltharp is great at dialog to articulate and determine the sound, voicing, and action the individual player is looking for.

William Cloud
Excellent service always!!! If you want someone that knows everything about pianos then Mr. Coltharp is the person to call for all your piano needs! I give them a 5 star rating and would highly recommend this company!!

Pam Allen
I wish all of my dealings were as pleasant and easy. Coltharp is the last of a dying breed, a competent and friendly piano service. The options allow me to give them five stars when ten is more like it.

Lin Turner
I have never in my life as a musician had such a wonderful piano tuner. Mr. Coltharp is very careful to tune all the keys and then goes over the complete keyboard again and again gently nursing the tones completely. It is a joy to have him come each time and listen to his corrections and tuning. I started playing cello at age 7 with my professional cellist mother as my teacher, later I attended a conservatory of music , then started my professional career in a number of symphony orchestras. Now I play the piano instead for recreation and remembrance. Soon I will be 90 years of age and the piano is my companion. Now you know why I appreciate Mr. Coltharp's visits and accomplishments.

Joanne Bernat Hackman
Russell Coltharp has tuned our church's grand piano as well as 2 other pianos for the last several months and always does a wonderful job with great attention to detail and always makes sure it sounds it's best for our church services. He is very professional in everything he does. The ladies in the office there at Coltharp Piano World are very helpful in scheduling tunings. We would highly recommend this business for your tuning needs.

Jan S
I had Russell service my 25 year old piano and he did a spectacular job. He made it look and sound like new. He and all his staff do a great job. I won't trust my piano to anyone else but him. Well worth every penny I have spent!

Karen Sanders
Not inexpensive, but well worth the investment if you value your piano. I can think of no one with more experience and love for the instrument.

Wilbur Hudson
They took great care with moving our piano. Very professional, knowledgeable, and they gave good advice.

Frank Shaffer