Are App or DVD Piano Lessons Worth It?

Are App or DVD Piano Lessons Worth It?

It seems as if everything has been touched by technology. Why shouldn’t the way you learn piano too? 

Do a quick search for piano-related apps and you’ll find they can help you with just about anything. We’ve highlighted a few of them here and in our gift guide. 

They’re fun to play; but are they educational too? Can you really learn to play the piano, and become a better musician, all with an app or a DVD?Are App or DVD Piano Lessons Worth It?

If you look closely at most of the promises with these learning systems, they say they’ll have you playing the piano in a short period of time. And that’s true. With color-coded guides and quick tutorials, they can have anyone finding middle C and plucking out a tune. 

In the short term, apps and DVDs for piano lessons work. But where they start to fall through is in the long term. 

Piano lessons through technology are rudimentary at best. They teach you about chords. They help you put your fingers together to play a song. You learn about rhythm, melody, and chords just enough to help you put together your favorite music. And this can have any beginner excited about their progress. 

But that’s when things become more difficult. That’s where having an instructor pays off. 

An instructor listens to your wishes and desires and gives you feedback on how to proceed. They offer suggestions when you’re struggling with a piece of music. They help tailor your instruction towards your goals. 

This comes from developing a relationship between you and your teacher. This also comes from diving deeper into understanding musicality, and how music theory applies to what you’re learning. This is especially important if you want to transfer your knowledge to other instruments. 

When it comes to piano learning apps or DVDs, you get what you pay for. Yes, they may be a great place to start. Yes, they can offer a lot of tips and tricks to help you start to play. But if you want to be the best piano player you can be, at some point, hire an instructor. They are your best course of action for success.