Can Piano Apps and Software Be As Good As Piano Lessons?

Can Piano Apps and Software Be As Good As Piano Lessons?

This is the year many of us are looking for a new hobby. Does that mean this will be the year you finally start playing the piano?

Yet we’re also still dealing with the aftermath of a pandemic. We spend more time than ever at home. Many local businesses don’t offer services in a commercial setting. More and more businesses are creating virtual options. 

What about piano lessons? Can you learn piano from piano apps you’ll find online? Do you need one on one instruction from a teacher sitting next to you? Is virtual really an option? 

Glad you asked. Here’s our take on learning piano. 

Piano apps provide convenience

Let’s start with the biggest reason why people love online learning – convenience. And when you invest in piano software, convenience is the number one benefit. 

No more driving to a thirty minute lesson, dropping your child off, and having to waste a little time while they play. Piano apps allow you to sit down at your convenience, get your daily practice in, and jump right into your next routine. 

With most piano apps, you’ll find they can be adaptable based on your needs. You can change the way you learn, have options that suit your tastes and needs, and be able to practice in a timeframe that suits your needs. Want to practice at 6 am? Or maybe sit down while everyone else is asleep? That’s no longer a problem – an app allows you to do it all on your time – anytime. 

Piano apps provide options

This is something worth mentioning again. Everyone learns differently, at their own pace, and in their own way. 

Using a piano teacher provides a more structured environment. 

We’re not saying working with a piano teacher is bad – it’s actually quite beneficial for you to work through problems with the way you play that technology will never pick up on. But we do feel there are many options available to help you learn in a way that suits you best. 

Working with technology can give you the ability to:

  • Select from hundreds of songs
  • Track your progress
  • Practice anytime you desire
  • Keep costs low – piano apps are often available with a one-time fee

Piano apps are only beginning to grow in popularity. With technology advancing at the speed it is, it’s a matter of time before we find even more benefits to using it to help you perfect your piano playing, and find ways to fit it into your life even more. 

Why Piano Apps Can Help Motivate A Piano Player

Why Piano Apps Can Help Motivate A Piano Player

Have a child you’re trying to motivate to stick with playing the piano? There’s an app for that. 

For as long as the piano has been around, parents have worked hard to keep their kids motivated for practice. Today the problem is only amplified with our technological advances. Smartphones, tablets, computer games and even television are far more exciting than the average practice book. It can be tedious at best, especially when so many other things are vying for attention. 

Instead of fighting it, why not give into it instead? New digital tools can liven up your child’s practice routines in new and exciting ways. After all, smartphones have made almost everything in our lives better, why not practicing the piano? Why Piano Apps Can Help Motivate A Piano Player

It only takes a few clicks to open up a world of opportunity. Piano apps can help motivate a child through games or let them become the next maestro by conducting an orchestra. They can help a child write their own music or combine different sounds and record their own songs. We’ve even given you a few of our own favorites right here – and here – on our blog. 

There’s something fascinating about using a smartphone or tablet. You’ll see it in the faces of even the smallest child. Being able to slide, tap, and click away to play in a magical world is exciting. With the inclusion of a tablet into your weekly practice routine, it can add to the “coolness factor” that makes learning the piano even more thrilling. Before a child even knows it, they’ve improved their skills. And they can easily convert their knowledge from something they learned in a game to real world practicality. 

As a parent, it can be difficult to know the difference between playing and practicing. Your child’s piano teacher is a great resource for finding high quality apps that can help in the process. You can also learn more on your own by doing a few simple searches online. Innovative tools are being added all the time and are often just what a child needs to turn even the most frustrating practice sessions into fun again. 

Want to learn piano yourself as an adult? Not a problem. We typically have two things in common. We want to learn fast, and we don’t have a lot of spare time. That’s where an app can help. Apps can provide an interactive learning environment that engages you and provides feedback on your process. It can allow you to understand the nuances of your practicing in far more efficient ways. 

Want to learn the piano? There’s an app for that. And we’re sure you’ll be amazed at how beneficial they can become. 

What are your favorite piano apps?