Should You Buy a Piano Ready To Restore?

Should You Buy a Piano Ready To Restore?

Sometimes, looking around at new pianos just doesn’t provide the experience you’re looking for. Sure, they look nice. Beautiful in every way. 

But you want something … different. 

Maybe you should buy a piano ready to restore. 

Pianos are unique in that with some manufacturers and models, they have the ability to increase in value over time. Because they were built in a bygone era using materials that quite often are no longer available, they can have more value today. 

Imagine owning a piano played by some of the greatest musicians of the past century. 

Or how about owning an instrument that sat in one of the greatest concert halls in the world?

If you choose to buy a piano ready to restore, it’s more than selecting one that looks good sitting on the showroom floor. Instead, it’s about finding one that has a story to tell, and then bringing it back to life to sit proudly in your home for years to come. 

The first step is defining your goals. What are you looking for in a piano? Where will it be on display? What’s your budget? From there, we can find a piano perfect for your needs. 

Then you can be a part of the restoration process. Pick your favorite stain color, light, medium, or dark. Prefer a color? Black, white, or somewhere in between. In some cases, you can choose nickel or brass hardware to accent the final look. 

Not only was the piano a work of art before restoration, but it also gained uniqueness by having you be a part of the process. It will truly be something you’ll be proud to put on display in your home, and love for years to come.