Piano Moving Myths and Facts

Piano Moving Myths and Facts

Myth: Anyone can move a piano

Fact: Piano moving is a specialty in itself. The average upright piano can weigh anywhere between 400 to 900 pounds. Grand pianos start at Piano Moving Myths and Factsaround 600 pounds and can go up to 1300 pounds and beyond. The value of a piano can range from several hundred dollars all the way up to a million or more, depending on make, model, age and condition. Add in the bulk, shape and size a piano has, and its easy to see why a piano has very unique situations when it comes to moving. Household movers understand how to move furniture and appliances in and out of your house. But adding in the unique nuances a piano gives adds a whole new dimension to the common every day move. If you trust anyone outside of a professional piano mover, you have to ask yourself first “Am I willing to take a risk?” Not only is it risky to the mover – injuries can be substantial – its also risky for the piano, especially if its antique or has sentimental value.

Myth: Moving a piano just needs more people

Fact: While brute force works in some cases, piano moving isn’t one of them. Imagine 8 people trying to move a piano by manhandling it. They pull and shove, rock and flip it, push and jerk it around until they move it from your room to the truck. Then repeat to get it back from truck to house. Piano movers believe in leverage, and with a series of special techniques can move a piano in what might appear to be effortlessly. People always exclaim after witnessing piano moving “I’ll never attempt it on my own again.”

Myth: A professional piano mover won’t damage the piano

Fact: Yep, we’re all human. Just because you hire a professional doesn’t mean the chance for injury or damage still isn’t there. Its simply decreased tenfold because of the knowledge and experience. A professional will assess the situation and will offer you options if there is a risk. And though they will do everything in their power to make sure your piano makes it safely from one place to the either, understand that at times, things happen.

Myth: To find the best piano mover, simply call the first one you find

Fact: Just like in every other industry, not all businesses are created equal. Some piano movers will take shortcuts and do things in a less than professional manner. While some piano companies that have been around for years will offer you the best customer service and attention to detail as possible. Call around. You’ll quickly be able to tell who you should trust.

Myth: Moving a piano takes very little time

Fact: If you need your piano moved on a specific day or for a specific event, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to make the move a reality. In most cases a piano mover can be scheduled for your move with a day or two’s notice. But the more specific your arrangements are, the more lead time you may lead. As soon as you know a move is in your future, start the process so you can ensure you get the true professional you need to ensure the safety and security of your piano.

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