Finding A Piano Competition Near You

Finding A Piano Competition Near You

Want to take your piano playing to new levels? Find and enter a piano competition near you. 

You like to play. You love to listen to masters within the industry. Why not marry the two together and enter your own competition? 

You might think: Not me. Maybe you’re nervous about performing in front of others. Or maybe you don’t believe you’re good enough. Surely there are others better than you … right?

Maybe you’re thinking about it in the wrong way. 

Piano competitions aren’t just about winning prizes. It’s not about ranking you in order based on who shows up for the event. A piano competition can provide you with so much more. 


Up until now, you probably haven’t had a lot of critiquing of your piano playing. Your instructor has their opinions. Family and friends will most likely say: you’re great! When you step onto a stage, you’ll be heard by new people, new judges, all that can look at your work and make suggestions for ways to improve. You can also listen to what the judges say about others: how can you use that in your own practice and training? 

Meet others in the industry

Who exactly is your competition? By attending one, you can start to see the other talent in your local area. And as you talk to other players, you might discover further ways to improve your own work. Are there better instructors that can help you grow? Other competitions you can attend? Scholarships to attend local, national, or international schools? Ask questions and keep your ears open to learn all you can as you attend. 


Just because you’ve entered a competition doesn’t mean you can’t learn as well. A lot of competitions offer masterclasses from judges or others in the industry to give you a wealth of knowledge. Make plans to attend everything you can; sometimes, they hold these classes a day before or after the competition. Sign up if you can, and ask lots of questions to improve your own talent. 

How to find a piano competition

You can start by asking your current piano instructor. Check in with your local music store. If your local college has a music program, you can contact them too for insight into regional competitions. Don’t forget Google – a few searches will bring up a wealth of information. And ask around every time you play in competition – what others would people around you recommend? You’ll be surprised at what you can find once you open up and start searching. 

Piano competitions are a great way to pursue excellence and get a chance to practice your craft in front of a live audience. You might just find yourself in ways you’ve never imagined before. Make 2020 the year you improve you by entering a piano competition.