5 Things You Should Know Before Moving Your Piano

5 Things You Should Know Before Moving Your Piano

Have you ever witnessed how a furniture mover works? They are very efficient in the way they move. They can lift easier, turn it to make it fit perfectly even through the narrowest of spaces, and pull out a tool or two to make the job even easier.

You hire them because they are efficient at what they do.

Yet no matter how much experience they have moving a large dresser or an extra long couch, doesn’t prepare them for the delicate items that need a little more TLC.

That’s where expert service is needed. And in the case of moving your piano, anyone but a piano mover simply can’t provide the amount of expertise needed to make sure your piano arrives in the best of shape. They are heavy. They are bulky. They are quite valuable. And in many cases, a standard moving company won’t offer you any guarantees that your piano will arrive in great working condition if you choose to include it in on your move.5 Things You Should Know Before Moving Your Piano

Piano movers are efficient in the way they work because that’s all they do. They have the right tools for the job, and know exactly how to move your piano from one place to another without the problems.

Ready to move your piano? Make sure you keep these things in mind.

Plan The Move

Moving is difficult; there are many things to think about. Yet the more planning you do upfront, the more you share with your movers, the more seamless the process will be on moving day. Tell your piano movers what type of piano they will be moving, and provide details on where your piano currently sits, and where it will be moved to. Provide information on narrow doors, long hallways, or how many stairs there are in the process. The more they know, the better prepared they will be the day of the move.

Work With The Other Movers

Movers have their own rhythm. They know what to move into the truck first to maximize space. They can also create a “mess” in the process as they move things around to get to the things they want first. Before the move begins, tell your movers what time the piano movers will be at your old house and when they will arrive at your new one. This is especially important if you aren’t in one place or another – make sure they know about each other and work together.

Clear A Path In Both Places

What makes moving a piano different than other furniture is its bulk. A piano – especially a grand piano – needs more space for the move. Make sure the movers leave a clean path for piano moving, to ensure greatest efficiency of everyone’s time.

Do You Want The Piano Tuned?

When a piano is moved, it goes through a lot of movement and jostling. Its also the easiest time to lose its pitch. If you would like your piano tuned once its in its new home, be sure to mention it so its included as a part of your set up.

Remove Personal Items

Its easy to assume the piano bench is the perfect place to keep music and books safe during the move. Yet its also an easy way for things to get lost. Take an extra minute and place all personal items in a box for full protection until you are in your new home, unpacked and ready to go.

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