25 Reasons To Buy A Piano

25 Reasons To Buy A Piano

1. Pianos are classical. The piano has been virtually unchanged in the past few hundred years. Why mess with perfection?

2. They are the perfect instrument. Harmony or melody, the piano does it all. 

3. The sound. Nothing sounds quite as grandeur as piano music. 

4. It’s not just a instrument, it’s a work of art. Place a grand piano in a room and it commands attention. 

25 Reasons To Buy A Piano5. It’s the one piece of furniture you’ll be happy to pass down from generation to generation. 

6. Acoustic or digital – there are many different ways to bring music to your life. 

7. If you’ve always wanted to be a rock star, the piano’s the best place to start. Take a look at any band; the piano and guitars are always front and center. 

8. Take your music to another level. Many digital pianos have easy ability to record and manipulate the music you make. You can edit it, even share it on social media easily. 

9. Piano playing is a great way to relax. Sit down for even five minutes and you’ll find yourself relax and unwind. 

10. It sharpens your concentration. No other activity has your hands and your brain working in quite the same way. 

11. Playing piano improves your time management skills. You have to plan out your week, fitting in practice sessions and lessons. 

12. It enhances your listening skills. Tapping out a tune means you have to listen for many things, including tone quality. 

13. It prevents memory loss. Because of the processing it takes to create music on the piano, it’s been shown to lessen the effects of age related disease. 

14. It helps with memory. It’s quite an accomplishment when you can put both hands to use on the keyboard in different ways, read the music in front of you, and listen for all the different aspects of playing a tune. 

15. Piano playing increases your language skills. Piano players are also better at expressing themselves conversationally and grammatically. 

16. It encourages creativity. No matter what song you play, there is always room to add a little of your own personality. 

17. Playing piano teaches you perseverance. No matter how much trouble you’re having playing a song, with a little more work, you’ll get it right. 

18. It improves reading comprehension. Because it takes a lot of skill to read and memorize music, it also triggers that part of the brain that allows you to read and recall the information at a later date. 

19. It helps with hand-eye coordination. Because it strengthens fine motor skills, it makes piano playing a perfect activity for young and old alike. 

20. It makes your brain better at math skills. Kids that play the piano early in life and stick with it as they move through school perform significantly better in math than their peers. 

21. It boosts self-esteem. Nothing makes you feel better than giving yourself a goal and hitting the target. 

22. Piano playing improves your rhythm. Rhythm isn’t just essential for playing music; it also converts into allowing a person to perform better in school and on tests. 

23. It expands your cultural knowledge. It introduces diversity by playing music from all over the world. 

24. It allows for more tactile learning experience. You perform differently when playing the piano compared to other activities, such as sports or arts. 

25. Piano playing reduces anxiety. And with anxiety at an all-time high throughout the classroom environment, a little bit of practice when your child gets home can help set the stage for better homework time.