Why Vertical Piano Maintenance Is Important

Why Vertical Piano Maintenance Is Important

When buying a piano, you have two choices: a vertical piano or a grand piano. The difference lies in the size of the instrument and the way it is constructed.

A vertical piano is made to save on space. Also known as an upright, it is meant to fit into to tight spaces, lie flush against a wall, and give optimal sound in a condensed format.

All pianos, whether vertical or grand format, need routine maintenance and tuning to keep it in peak performance. One of the benefits of purchasing a vertical piano from a dealer – whether you look at a new or used vertical piano – is you can also use them as a reputable piano technician that will be able to provide regular tunings and maintenance on an as needed basis.Why Vertical Piano Maintenance Is Important

Vertical pianos are different than grand pianos in the way they are constructed. Therefore when hiring a technician, its important to hire someone that works on vertical pianos regularly, as they have their own unique nuances.

Regular tuning is needed as a piano is played, strings and hammers stretch and wear, and the sound changes based on every day circumstances. Care and maintenance depends on where your piano is located and the types of influences it has on a daily basis.

  • Is your home regulated for temperature and humidity?
  • Is the piano subjected to direct sunlight?
  • How often is it played?
  • What conditions does it have within the room itself?

When problems start to arise, it usually begins with the piano’s inner workings … in other words, with the piano’s soundboard.

The soundboard will move due to changes in the humidity of the room, and its really not something that can be changed. Because it’s a moving, working, breathing unit, changes will happen. You can use a humidity control system to keep humidity regulated, but keep in mind that wood will change. And as it changes, the sound will change as well.

Regular maintenance is the key to giving your piano the best care possible. If its been a while since you’ve had your piano tuned or repaired, give us a call today. We can help you maintain your piano’s sound, and provide you with top quality care.

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