Why Should I Hire A Piano Mover?

Why Should I Hire A Piano Mover?

Why do I need a piano mover?

When its time to move from one home to another, it seems just as easy to hire a moving company to move everything at one time. Should you really hire someone specifically for moving your piano? Yes. Piano moving is a specialty in itself. The Why Should I Hire A Piano Moveraverage vertical piano can weigh anywhere from 400 to 900 pounds. A grand piano can start at 650 pounds and go to 1300 pounds and more, depending on the size. Pianos also vary in value, depending on the make, model, age and condition of the piano. A regular mover is all about speed. They work hard to move all of your furniture in a timely manner. Therefore a coach or entertainment center would be treated the same as your piano. Yet pianos are completely different objects and need care to make sure they or the person moving them aren’t injured. There is a right and wrong way to move a piano.

How are professional piano movers different from a standard furniture mover?

If you hire a furniture mover to move your piano, they will usually do so with brute force. They will manhandle the piano using 4, 6, 8 people or more to move it from its location into the truck. There they may or may not secure it in the truck. And of course the 4 to 8 people will manhandle it back into its new location.

A professional piano mover typically uses 2 or 3 people to move the piano and uses piano skids, moving pads, ramps, slings and of course the knowledge of how to move the piano effectively. They know the “secrets” to getting it from point a to point b in as safe a way as possible both for the instrument and for the people moving it.

Are all piano movers equal?

Are all moving companies created equal? The answer is obviously no. And likewise, the answer is no when it comes to all piano movers created equal. Like any profession, piano movers have different levels of experience. Some are better equipped than others. And some simply care more than others. The best way to choose is to interview a potential piano moving company to find out about their experience and knowledge in the area.

Are all piano movers insured?

While it seems like a logical quality that all piano movers would have, unfortunately its not always true. A reputable piano mover will always be insured. Others – well, not always. When finding a piano mover, make sure you understand and ask these three questions:

1.Is the company insured against damage to the property or vehicles?

2. Is the company insured against damage to the piano?

3. Is the company insuring its workers against injury?

Never assume any of the three, or you could end up with problems throughout the process.

What should I know about the cost?

Piano moving is usually billed as a flat rate depending on the type of piano, the distance its being moved, the difficulty of the job (stairs, tight turns, etc), the number of people required for the move, and the waiting time for the entire job.

Before you book a piano move, have all of your facts together. Know when the move will take place, how quickly you can move from one location to another, and how prepared you will be for pickup and delivery. The more you know up front, the easier the entire job will be.

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