Why Playing The Piano Can Bring Comfort

Why Playing The Piano Can Bring Comfort

Think back to your childhood. What songs take you back?

Or how about your high school prom? Is there music that quickly makes you reminisce about that time in your life? 

Or a song played at your wedding? A favorite band you have every song downloaded to your phone? 

Or even played an instrument from the time you were little, enjoying the process of creating music? 

There’s a reason for that. Music stimulates natural chemicals inside each of us. It triggers endorphins and impacts our mood. Ever been in a lousy mood, listened to a few of your favorite songs, and felt your feeling lift? That’s music in all its power. 

While we’ve long since realized music is perfect for relaxation, entertainment, and even distraction, we’re only just starting to realize its power for so much more. Music therapy is a growing modality that can help with all kinds of issues, including developmental, rehabilitative, preventative, wellness care, and mental healing. 

There are many ways to use music in therapy. For some, the mere act of listening can have amazing calming effects. 

Increasingly, we’re also finding being involved in music can take wellness to an entirely different level. The act of playing can stimulate many different triggers, help you find peace and wellness from within. 

Head to your favorite music site – Pandora, Spotify, or Sirius. Now look at playlists meant for calming or relaxing moments. Chances are you’ll find a variety of piano solos and acoustic numbers there to help you calm. 

Piano is soothing to the soul. Listening to it can bring a sense of well-being just by listening to it. Now get in the act, touch the keys, and play. It increases heightened awareness, and brings relaxation to an entirely different level. 

One study found in dementia, music can improve mood, behavior, and in some cases, cognitive function, which can persist for hours and days after the music stops.

Another found that Music Therapy has been proven to bring patients suffering from the effects of dementia to a better place emotionally and cognitively.

Some patients who have severe dementia may show little cognitive function in many areas of life, yet still have the ability to create music

No matter where you are today, if you’ve ever had a desire to start playing the piano, it can be one of the best decisions you’ll make for a more stress-free, happier life.