Why Kids Hate Practicing The Piano And What To Do About It

Why Kids Hate Practicing The Piano And What To Do About It

Every parent wants what is best for their child.  For many parents this ideal childhood includes instruction in several types of activities: speech, sports, the arts, or instruments.  For many families, instrumental instruction begins with a very foundational instrument: the piano.

Why Kids Hate Practicing The Piano And What To Do About ItWhile these families mean well, many of them end up fighting a loosing battle between the need for practice and the child’s obvious dislike for it.  So, what makes a kid hate practicing and what can parents do about it?  Here are a number of potential reasons to consider as well as a few solutions that might help resolve the situation.

  1. No challenge – It can be difficult to gauge a child’s ability levels, especially if they don’t exert themselves.  If a child is presented with too little challenge, they may find practicing to be a drudgery, a pointless exercise providing little stimulation.  If this is the case, than parents and teachers can work together to provide the child with a selection of music that stretches and stimulates the child’s ability.
  2. No interest – Let’s face it: most beginner books are filled with classical music.  While these are excellent pieces to learn, they typically are not the type of music your child wants to listen to.  If your kids are finding the musical selection to be a bit old fashioned, you might want to consider incorporating some music that is more their style.
  3. No goals – Without clear goals in mind, there is little motivation for a child to press on in their practicing.  Goals, when met, give a sense of accomplishment and personal gain.  If your child hates practicing, perhaps all they need is a goal and an incentive to reach it. Make them stretch to be able to read and play a certain song they love. Or if motivated by performance, tantalize them with a performance date
  4. 4. No heart – Sometimes the main problem with piano lessons is the fact that the child just doesn’t like the piano.  This does not mean if you meet with a bit of resistance you should give up.  But if your child seems to consistently despise all things piano, perhaps you should consider a different instrument.

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