Why It Matters If Your Piano Is In Tune

Why It Matters If Your Piano Is In Tune

Have you ever attended a concert performed by an orchestra? Before it begins, one person will provide a note to tune to. Then the rest of the members take the time to ensure their instruments are in perfect balance. 

Can you tell the difference between an out of tune instrument with one that is in tune? It depends upon your musical ability. 

We walk before we learn to run. We start out with 101 classes in college before we progress to 400 level coursework. We don’t start out as experts at anything we choose to do. We must start at the beginning, learning the fine details as we go along. Only after we experience different levels do we start to understand the nuances within a niche. And that’s what makes all the difference. Why It Matters If Your Piano Is In Tune

Take a bottle of wine, for instance. Place an award winning bottle next to a boxed wine from your supermarket. Is there a difference? Of course. But to someone untrained in the nuances of wine tasting, they may not understand these finer points. They may purchase the box solely based on price. They may purchase it because they lack the knowledge of what makes a Merlot different from a Pinot Noir. Or what the difference is from a table wine from one more refined. 

If you want to learn more about wine, you have to study wine. That means trying different grapes from different regions. Learning about perfect growing conditions. Understanding what wines are paired best with different types of foods. 

Over time, your skills are refined. You understand the differences and quickly can tell one from another. You can pick out what makes one better than the other. 

That same experience is found within music. That’s why the musicians will all tune to the same note before a performance. It’s also why every musician invests in the highest quality instrument to give them the results they are looking for. 

Because as our knowledge grows, our senses improve. And the more aware we become, the better our experiences become. 

We perceive music on a deeper level, and the experience attained from the performance becomes inspiring in more ways than we might have previously appreciated. 

Sure, a child can play just about any keyboard or piano you put in front of them, no matter what condition it’s in. But to have a child begin to hear and feel the difference, perceive music on a deeper level, and very quickly improve their levels of understanding, quality is everything. 

Are you going to trust that to a free piano you found on Craigslist?