Why Digital Piano Is Perfect For Music Therapy

Why Digital Piano Is Perfect For Music Therapy

Imagine sitting in a world where nothing is familiar. You don’t know the people around you, are unfamiliar with your surroundings. You’re nervous, not sure where you are or what to do.

Then you hear a familiar tune. One you hummed and sang once upon a time. It calms you down. Makes you smile. Helps you feel more comfortable with your surroundings.Why Digital Piano Is Perfect For Music Therapy

That’s reality for many people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other cognitive disorders. Therapy can take place in many ways, from singing and dancing, to listening from an iPod, to playing an instrument.

While any kind of music can be helpful to the cause, studies show that participating makes more of a difference. Even patients with degenerative diseases and have reduced motor skills who are unable to do much else can participate when they have a digital piano in their presence.

They can respond when a simple tap produces a note. And with little effort, can tap out enough notes to create music, even a song. And if they are able, they can continue the process and learn piano to continue to make music every day.

Music therapy:

Improves memory – practicing piano requires repetition. It challenges a person to learn a little bit more each time they sit down to play.

Improves hand-eye coordination – these fine motor skills are often the first to go. Because a person easily connects that a note makes a sound, they quickly pick up the desire to progress and do more.

Relieves anxiety and stress – listening to music helps you relax. When you are part of the production, it can reduce stress, relieve signs of anxiety and depression.

Increase interaction – while Alzheimer’s patients often withdraw, patients who use music therapy often begin interacting with others, including family members, caregivers, and others in their lives.

Starting up a music therapy business? The perfect addition is a digital piano, one that will allow you to travel to your patients and incorporate all kinds of playing skills into their lives. We can help you select the right digital piano for your needs. Stop by today.