Why A Piano Bench Matters To Your Piano Playing

Why A Piano Bench Matters To Your Piano Playing

A piano can be a rather large investment.  Between the purchase, moving costs, and tuning charges; the size of your financial investment can quickly grow.  With all these costs, you may consider waiting to purchase a bench.  This, however, would be a detrimental decision.  A piano bench is actually very important to your piano playing.

Why A Piano Bench Matters To Your Piano PlayingA piano bench is vital for proper form.  We are all aware of the discussions revolving ergonomic work stations for computer usage.  Studies show if you frequently use a computer without the proper support you could suffer physically.  The same is true with a piano bench.  A bench (situated properly) will provide the proper alignment of core, arms, hands and piano for the most ergonomic playing position.

A piano bench helps with stamina.  If you have ever attempted to play the piano standing, you know it requires a great deal more effort than playing sitting.  Having a bench allows you to save your energy and channel it into playing rather than position.

A piano bench aids the psyche in committing to your task.  Anyone can walk by a piano and play a few notes as they pass.  You may even pause for a moment to work through a measure or two before you continue on your way.  However, if you pull out a bench and sit down, you are mentally preparing yourself for a longer session.

A piano bench helps you take piano more seriously.  Sitting at a piano bench helps get your mind and body in gear for what you are about to do.  Proper form and psychological prep allow you to get in the mindset of playing piano.  While this isn’t enough to make you Chopin, it will definitely help you be able to set your mind to the task at hand.  This in turn can help you make greater progress than a more nonchalant approach to playing.

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