When Your Piano Won’t Play

When Your Piano Won’t Play

“I have an older piano that we’ve used for years in my family. My youngest daughter is now starting up piano lessons, so we’ve started using it every day again. I love it! But I also have a problem. There is one key – the F sharp/G flat right below the middle C that won’t play when you strike it. If you hit it really hard, you can hear a brief sound that is barely audible, but it immediately goes away. I know this is going to be a problem soon as her songs get more difficult. Do I need to call in a repair person? Are there things I can check to see if its an easy fix?”

We know nothing can be more frustrating than to want to play the piano and have it not in good, working order.

pianoThere could be a number of things wrong with your piano.

First, open the piano lid and press the piano key that isn’t playing. Check to see if the hammer mechanics are working. If the hammer isn’t properly striking the string, either the hammer or other components are broken and will need to be fixed by a reputable piano repair company.

Sometimes the string isn’t working properly. When the piano key is pressed, check to make sure the string is properly functioning and doesn’t have a tear or breakage. It may require simple tuning, or it may need complete restringing. A piano tuner will be able to fix the problem and make sure your piano is back in working order.

Lastly, it may be a lack of tuning. When was the last time your piano was tuned? In some cases, the strings can be stretched and pulled, and simply not be tight enough to create a sound. Tuning the piano string will bring it back into tune, and give you a proper working piano.

The easiest way to bring your piano back into good working order is to call and schedule an appointment today. We’ll send a reputable piano tuner to your location, and have your piano tuned and ready for your daughter to play in no time.

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