When You Find a Good Teacher For Learning To Play The Piano

When You Find a Good Teacher For Learning To Play The Piano

Want your child to fall in love with playing the piano? It starts by finding a good teacher who shows them the path of wanting to play. 

When you decide to give your child the gift of music, you buy a piano, find a piano teacher, and hope they play and appreciate playing. 

As parents, we often think about the gifts a piano teacher gives our kids. But have you ever stopped to think about what gifts your child is giving a teacher? There is a difference between an average and great piano teacher. Spending your time searching for a great one can be worth their weight in gold. 

As you start lessons for the very first time, a piano teacher begins with the basics. They have a specific formula for getting a child excited about playing. 

  • Learn the keys
  • Start reading music
  • hand/eye coordination skills
  • Create a recognizable song

Yet it goes beyond all of that. 

An average piano teacher may follow the formula, selecting a teaching path and sticking with the guidelines. Your child will learn skills in one level of training before moving to the next. 

And your child may learn. They may even develop a love of playing the piano. 

But a great piano teacher pushes a bit harder. They ask different questions. They respond with different activities. 

A great teacher may recognize when a child starts to struggle. Maybe they’ve plateaued, are becoming bored with the process, or simply have other things on their minds. 

That’s when a great piano teacher goes to work. 

They look for other ways to reach out and inspire a child to continue to process. 

They may select different music, connect them with other players. Encourage them to join a band, or maybe sign up for a competition. 

They will read the child’s interests, and help them move to the next level. 

So think about that when you drop your kid off for their next lesson. 

Have you selected an average teacher? Or are you moving them to work with a great instructor? 

What can you do to motivate your child to be all they can be as a piano player?