What’s The Most Effective Way To Practice Piano?

What’s The Most Effective Way To Practice Piano?

Practice is one of the most important parts of piano playing. It’s how you learn. It’s how you get better. But like everything, piano practice can grow boring if you don’t have a goal. Is there an effective way to practice piano?

Start with a goal. “I’ll play several times a week” is not a goal. Instead, sit down every session with something specific in mind. “I’m going to learn to play ____ today.” “I’m going to learn the opening of _____ today.” Make sure the goal is achievable, given your level of playing and what you’re attempting to do. 

Slow down. Playing isn’t a race to the finish line. Instead, it’s about playing the best you can. Take the time to learn what you do perfectly. If it takes longer to move through a piece of music, that’s okay. The important thing is to learn, and do it well. 

Pay attention to fundamentals. It’s nice that you want to play music from your favorite band. But learning the fundamentals can make you a better piano player. Spend time mastering scales. Take the time to learn technical skills. You’ll see it in every piece of music you play. 

Use a metronome. It’s one of the best ways to bring a song up to tempo. But that doesn’t mean you have to start at tempo. Slow things done and focus on the notes and fingering. Master music in pieces. Then bring the metronome up to speed until you can play it as intended. 

Listen. Listen to the best piano players in the world. Go to concerts and see them in action. You may even wish to sign up for competitions to learn from others around. You’ll learn a lot from listening to what others have to say about your performance. 

End with fun. The last few minutes of your practice session should be designed for fun. What’s your favorite piece of music? Playing your favorites allows you to leave your session fully energized and ready for your day. 

What’s your most effective way to keep piano practice interesting?