What’s Really Important When Selecting A New Piano

What’s Really Important When Selecting A New Piano

There are two kinds of piano shoppers:

  • The ones who are buying their first pianos
  • The ones who are upgrading to something better

Because they are looking for something entirely different, their approach to selecting a new piano varies. 

If you’ve never played the piano before, you might not understand the value in selecting the right instrument. A piano is a piano, right? Well … 

Not exactly. 

Many pianos are made by hand. That makes every single instrument out there different. They play differently. They sound different. They feel different. 

If you’re selecting a new piano for the first time, you might not understand how important it is to sit down and really listen to the way the piano sounds. You might not know to compare it with other models, other manufacturers, other options. 

If you’re looking for a new piano and you have years of practice behind you, you might have a few more requests in mind. Maybe you have features you have to have – they’re non-negotiable. Or maybe you have a specific brand in mind. 

Our best advice to you is to come in with your mind wide open. 

The higher up in the music business classical pianists move, the more set they become on what they want to play. But is that all about sound and playability? Or is it more about marketing?

Some of the oldest brands in the business might have professional clout. They’ve always been the best, so they assume they will always be the top of the line. That isn’t always so. 

There are innovators, even in the piano industry. Inventions that can make you a better piano player, provide more musicality, and give you more opportunity to play. Pianos that take advantage of today’s technology and make you a better player. 

Are you in the market for something new? What process are you using for selecting a new piano? We can help you find the right instrument for you.