What You Should Know Before Signing Up For Piano Lessons

What You Should Know Before Signing Up For Piano Lessons

Are you contemplating what hobbies to sign up for? Are you looking to give your kids the gift of music?

Every activity needs an initial investment before you begin. But for some, the idea of starting up piano lessons can be a little scary. 

You need a piano, but what kind? Will any keyboard do? 

We’re happy to share a little advice with you. 

Piano or Keyboard?

You can find keyboards in a lot of places these days. Are they worth the investment? Before you hand over even just a few hundred dollars, it’s advisable to spend a little time learning more about pianos. 

The main difference is sound. If you choose the wrong keyboard, it won’t have a high quality sound. That means no matter how much you or your child put into the learning process, they’ll never achieve a good sound. 

That builds frustration, when you can never produce a song the way it was intended. You’ll have a greater chance of abandoning your goal of learning to play because the playability just doesn’t feel right. 


Acoustic pianos – the more traditional piano – uses weighted keys. If you’ve ever played a song on a more conventional piano, watch how the keys spring into action. There’s a slight give to the way the keys are played. 

Depending on how a less expensive keyboard is produced, it may not have that same functionality. That means skills won’t be transferable from one piano to the next. It also means you might not be able to play a song as it was written. Maybe a key is too heavy for a young learner to use. 

Traditional manufacturers create 88 keys in proper proportion, to ensure you get the appropriate sound from every note on the keyboard. They also ensure the touch feels the same, to give you a skill you can use for the rest of your life. 


From your very first lesson, it isn’t all about the notes and the sound. You’ll also be learning valuable information about reading music, technique, and musical theory. In order to fully understand each of these lessons, it’s important to have the proper equipment in order to complete your practice. 

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to duplicate the lesson when you get home. If you have any questions about the process, you can learn a lot from an instructor. 

Are you ready for piano lessons?

Before you take your first class, spend some time learning more about the process. A good piano will ensure you lots of years of enjoyment, and give you the right tool to enjoy the process. 

Will this be the year you learn to play the piano?