What You Should Know About Buying A Grand Piano

When you decide to buy a grand piano, its as much a decision about the sound that comes out of it as the look that will fill your home.

A grand piano will sound different than other pianos you may choose – an important point if you place value in your music. Not only will the instrument produce different sounds because of its design, it also needs more room in your home. And with more room brings more opportunity for the sound to travel.

A grand piano also takes up a considerably more room than other types. It can’t be tucked into a corner or aligned along a wall. Instead, it takes center stage, no matter if your room is small or large.

Your first step will be deciding on a new or used piano. Both have their pros and cons. In either aspect, focus in on the brand. A reputable piano dealer can always answer all your questions, no matter how large or small, and provide you with a wealth of information on where your choices come from and their benefits.

As with any product, a brand name can tell you a lot about the instrument itself and how well its manufactured. If you look at the auto industry, you understand that in the Ford line, a Fiesta is at the low end while a Mustang Shelby would be at the high end. The same works in piano branding. Some lines are meant to be affordable; some break all the rules and offer you the best quality available. Look to the brand name as a beginning point to making your final selection – good names include Pramberger, Samick, Kohler & Campbell, Knabe, and Seiler.

Withing the Grand Piano industry, you will often hear them referred to by size – Baby Grand, Parlor Grand, and Concert Grand for example. What makes a Grand Piano move from one category to another is its size. The larger the piano, the bigger the soundboard, the longer the bass strings, the stronger and richer the tone.

If you decide to buy a used piano, your questions may be more in-depth. How old is the piano? Where did it come from? How good of shape is it in? Has it had major work? Buying from a reputable piano dealer, however, does have its advantages. When you buy it at an estate sale, you have no idea its condition – in many cases neither do the sellers. But by buying from us, you know its been completely restored and given our quality seal of approval. Meaning you can trust your used grand piano will give you quality entertainment for years.

While you are buying a Memphis Grand Piano for its musical qualities, that doesn’t mean you can’t focus in on the little details as well. What color fits best with your décor? What style do you prefer? What does the bench look like?

A grand piano is an investment that can last for decades. And the best place to start is to come in and take a look around. We understand this can be a major decision – let us help you ask the right questions, and find the perfect piano for your home.

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