What Would You Look Like Playing The Piano?

What Would You Look Like Playing The Piano?

A lot of people talk about learning to play the piano, but not everyone follows through on their desires. 

When Ryan Gosling was to showcase his piano playing talents in the movie La La Land, he spent three months practicing two hours a day to perfect his skill. 

While few of us can hope to learn at that speed – we have busy lives too – there is something about his actions that we can all learn from. 

  • Set a goal and stick with it.
  • Choose the type of music you wish to learn. 
  • Pay attention to fundamentals and proper technique.
  • Learn common patterns such as chords and scales.
  • Remain dedicated. It’s the best way to learn. 

The best place to start is to see yourself playing the piano. Would you be sitting at home with a small acoustic piano? Would you be sitting in a grand hall at a grand piano, playing for an audience? 

This can give you the motivation you need to keep moving forward. It can also set the stage for where to invest your time and money. Choose the right piano for your needs. If you want to play on a grand piano in front of an audience, why not invest in one as you learn? 

It’s equally important to play what you love. While learning the basics is important, there are many ways to incorporate different genres of music into your daily learning patterns. Music comes in a variety of skill sets, genres, and ability levels. Work with an instructor who can help select the right training materials for you. 

Remaining dedicated is also the best way to achieve your goals. Schedule your practice and stick with it. Make piano a part of your life, and you’re more likely to continue with your goals. 

Finally, bring more music into your life. When was the last time you took in a concert, listened to a symphony, or attended group lessons? There are many ways to incorporate piano playing into your life. Get creative. You never know where it might lead.