What To Know About Piano Prices

What To Know About Piano Prices

When most families decide to bring a piano into their lives, hoping the kids love and value being able to make music, their first stop on their journey is to try and find a good deal on a piano. 

Yet piano prices can be difficult to assess. After all, how do you compare what you’ll pay from a dealer with the “deal” you find on Craigslist, which is essentially getting the piano for free? 

Why should you pay when you can haul one away for no more cost than finding a truck and committing an hour or so of your time?

First, let’s talk about piano dealers. 

When a piano dealer opens up a retail shop, it’s usually as a small business. They have a love for all things musical, and have chosen to share their joy of creating songs by helping others choose the right instrument. 

A piano dealer obviously has to set the prices high enough to cover costs. But you’re also paying for:

Skill – they have access to know and understand dozens of piano brands, and have selected quality ones they think their customers will love. 

Knowledge – they’ve been around pianos for years – decades – and know what to look for when making a purchase. They can quickly assess your needs and help you make the right choice for what you want in a piano. 

Guarantees – the dealer has thoroughly evaluated every piano they sell, ensuring you get a high quality instrument. If for some reason it has problems during the warranty period, you’re covered. 

Deals – a dealer also knows how to find the best deals. If you’re looking for a particular piano, they can help you find it. They can help you find the diamond in the rough. They can set you up with a rental to determine how well piano fits into your life. They can help you trade up to a better piano when you’re ready. 

Remember, piano prices aren’t just about the piano. It’s about the other services that go along with it. 

Does the piano come with a bench, or will you have to buy one? 

What level of customer service comes with both pre and post sale?

How comfortable are you you’re making a good choice, one that will help you and your kids truly find the love of creating music? 

If you want to give your kids the gift of music, you have to choose the appropriate tools to help them along. 

We can help. Stop by today and compare many different pianos we have in stock. We’ll help you choose the right piano for your needs.