What To Do After You Buy a New Piano

What To Do After You Buy a New Piano

It usually starts with an inkling of wanting something new in your life. A new hobby is just what you need. You’ve always wanted to play the piano – why not put that at the top of this year’s goals?

So you start doing your research and find the perfect piano for your needs. No what?

How can you ensure you’ll use your new instrument long after the purchase? What should you do after you buy a new piano and bring it into your home?

Step one: Location

This may seem obvious, you might even have a place picked out. But we would like to offer a little advice before you make this new spot your piano’s home. 

Pianos are highly sensitive instruments. They can last a lifetime – generations even – if you take proper care of it. That means moving it away from drafts, vents, and registers. A piano can’t take the constant flow of heat and cold, changing rapidly during the day. Nor can it take direct sunlight streaming in. 

Step two: Start establishing your routine

When you first bring your piano home, you’re excited about the prospect of playing. But as life resumes, and you’re hit by all that life brings, you can put your goals to learn to play on hold. Establish your routine quickly to ensure you stick with it. 

That includes doing two things. First, establish a practice pattern. This doesn’t mean staying rigid with a 30 minute per day playing schedule. What it does mean is to establish a time each day when you can sit down and play and enjoy what you’re doing. Some days may be ten minutes, other days may be longer. It’s important to enjoy the process rather than feel like you’re stuck to a routine. 

Second, find ways to improve what you do. Take one on one lessons to perfect your playing. Take group lessons to learn from others. Sign up for online learning by playing games or using a software program. Be creative with this process to hold your attention throughout the year. 

Step three: Set goals

Like everything you do in life, you stay more focused on your goals if you have something to shoot for. 

Is there a favorite song you hope to play? Your teacher can help you stay on track to play it. 

Want to show off your talents at a holiday show? Set your intentions now and work towards preparing the right music. 

Playing the piano is something you can do at all ages, all abilities, and enjoy for a variety of reasons. When you establish your “why”, it gives you reasons to move forward with your practice each day. 

And that’s the best way to stay focused on the end result. 

It all starts when you buy a new piano. Will this be your year?