Want To Be A Better Piano Player? Go To Musical Events

Want To Be A Better Piano Player? Go To Musical Events

Becoming a better piano player doesn’t just involve more practice. It also means becoming more musically inclined. 

When you listen to music, pick out the different instrumental parts. Listen to the way the music flows and works together. 

Don’t rely solely on your digital player to play your favorite tunes. Expand musical awareness by spreading your wings and listening to more genres. Attend musical events to learn even more. It’s one of the best ways to improve your musicality. 

Attending musical events will help you:

See other musicians in action

Listening helps you feel the music. But when you watch someone produce it, and awakens your senses. An orchestra will showcase how a pianist plays and adds to the melody. A rock band will showcase tying a performance together. Don’t just feel the music; pay attention to how the pianist adds to the overall experience. It can help fuel your own fire the next time you sit on the bench and play your favorite song. 

Realize how all instruments work together

You weaken your own ability if you focus on one type of music. Instead, attend many different types of musical events. Go to a jazz club. Buy tickets to your local symphony. Head out to the park and dance the night away to country western. R & B can teach you about rhythm. See how all of it works together to create music we know and love. 

Network for more ideas

Don’t stick with large events that draw in hundreds or even thousands of people. Find local events where you can get more personal with both the musicians and the other attendees. You can ask questions, find recommendations for teachers, or open up your mind to other possibilities: ever thought about turning your love for music into a career? Or considered composing and publishing your songs? You may discover a new love and interest merely by listening to others in your local community. 

At a minimum, attending musical events will give you a new way of looking at how you currently play the piano. Schedule one into your calendar today.