Tips For Succeeding As An Adult Piano Student

Tips For Succeeding As An Adult Piano Student

A child piano student has one distinct advantage for succeeding in learning to play the piano: a parent! As a parent, we gently nudge our children along to ensure they reach their goal. 

As an adult, life gets in the way. No one is standing off to the side, encouraging us to get things done. No one is setting the timer for us and assigning practice as a part of our daily tasks. 

It’s up to us and us alone. 

The goal of playing the piano is challenging. We all have dreams of sitting down and making beautiful music. But what started out as a dream can quickly become frustrating when you can’t play at the level you anticipated. Tips For Succeeding As An Adult Piano Student

Like everything, your goal of becoming a piano player is more than doable with a little planning involved. These are a few things adult piano students have in common. 

Long Term Goals

Why are you taking up piano in the first place? Are you hoping to carry your newfound talents into the future? Do you want to play for people or simply as a way for relaxing? Do you have particular pieces in mind? Work with your teacher to structure your long term goals into a timetable you can both reach out and explore. It will give you more patience and more focus, especially through the difficult times when you seem to be stuck in the process. 

Setting Up Piano Practice Routines

Like anything in life, the only way to become better at something is to work at it a little bit at a time. Consistency is crucial for long term success. Consider your daily priorities; where can you cut back to make the time for practice? Can you give up a group that no longer suits your needs? Can you shut off the television and invest a half hour into practice instead? Sometimes calendaring it is the best way to go, especially at the beginning. 

Practice Piano Well

Twenty minutes of quality practice is much better than two hours of mundanely striking the keys. Make sure your head is in the game every time you sit down to practice. Take a few minutes to stretch, reflect on the music, or simply listen to others playing as inspiration. Mindfulness is one of the best ways to become better at playing. Then sit down and concentrate on the music. Plan out what you hope to accomplish. It could be something as simple as perfecting a scale or a certain section of a song. Reward yourself for every achievement you make. 

Find The Right Teacher

As an adult student, you have many resources at your disposal. Finding the right teacher may take time and a little research, but it can mean everything to accomplishing your goals. Don’t fall into a routine, instead, talk with a teacher and ensure your needs are being met. Also look for someone who can incorporate all kinds of lesson plans into your schedule, from online to apps, to meeting in person. They should be willing to work with your lifestyle, not the other way around. 

What have you found helps you stick with your piano practicing routine?