Tips For Buying a Piano in 2022

Tips For Buying a Piano in 2022

Want to play the piano this year? It starts by buying a piano perfect to suit your needs. 

But with so many different choices, where do you begin? What are the most important qualities to look for when buying a piano? We can narrow it down to three things:

  • A full 88-key keyboard
  • Weighted keys
  • High quality tonal sound

Whether you focus on purchasing an upright, grand, or digital piano, there are several things you should ensure your piano has. 

A full keyboard

When you first sit down and touch a few keys, having a full 88-key keyboard may seem intimidating. You’ll use the full range sooner than you think. Not having a full keyboard can hinder your progress. Depending on what genres of music you move towards will open up how many keys you use. It’s better to have the proper equipment in place as you start, to ensure you have the equipment necessary when you need it. 

Weighted keys

The more you grow as a musician, the more you may want to transfer your skills to different settings. Want to sit down at a piano in a friend’s home, a local church, or play for a small audience? Pianos are designed with some resistance to increase playability. Learning on weighted keys gives your fingers practice in transferring your skills to any piano you sit down at. Practicing on a piano with weighted keys ensures your skills will last a lifetime. 

High quality sound

If you’ve ever heard the tinny sound that comes from a toy piano, you know not all sound is created equal. Because every piano is built differently, you’ll notice a different sound from each instrument you play. Playing the piano is about making music. If you don’t like the sound you hear, you’ll never fully enjoy playing the piano. Sit down before you purchase a new piano. Do you like the way it sounds?

While many focus on price as their starting point for purchasing a piano, finding one you’ll be excited to play for years to come should be your top priority. 

If you have questions about buying the right piano to suit your needs, we can help you out. Stop by today and see our complete selection of pianos, and discover which is the right one to suit your needs.