Thinking Of Buying A Keyboard This Holiday Season?

Thinking Of Buying A Keyboard This Holiday Season?

It’s the holiday season – a time when keyboards are purchased heavily as gifts. 

For many, the thought of investing in a high quality acoustic piano is a bit overwhelming. The size, the cost, it’s all too much for something you’re not sure your child will love. 

They’ve been asking for one, but will it wind up in the spare closet like so many other purchases you’ve made? 

So you look at the ads and find one on sale at your local big box store. That should work … right?

That depends. Does your child really want to create music? Or is it more of a toy?Thinking Of Buying A Keyboard This Holiday Season?

If your goal is to give your child the gift of music, it requires a little more thought process on your behalf. There is a difference in the keyboards on the marketplace today. And if you select the wrong one, your child won’t enjoy the music it creates. Here’s what to look for. 

Make sure the keyboard is full size

An acoustic piano has 88 keys with 7 full octaves. You’ll find keyboards in many different sizes. When you invest in a keyboard will all 7 octaves, you’ll provide an instrument that teaches correct finger spacing and scale to the instrument, as well as have the ability to play whatever songs they desire. 

Make sure your keyboard has an adjustable stand

Not all keyboards come with a stand – you might have to invest in one separately. If they are adjustable, your child can adjust it depending on where they sit. It will also be fully adjustable as they grow. 

Make sure the keyboard has weighted keys

This means when you press down the keys, they spring back like a real piano. Cheaper keyboards won’t have this feature. Learning to play with weighted keys ensures your child can cross over to an acoustic piano when they are ready. 

Make sure keys are touch sensitive

A piano player knows a light touch will produce a light sound, and a stronger touch will respond with more volume. Again, the more accurate the keyboard, the easier it is to transition to an acoustic piano when the time is right. 

Keep it simple for beginners

Depending on the keyboard, you can find one with many extra features and special effects. But to a beginner, it can all be a little overwhelming. As a toy, it can be fun to press buttons and make different sounds. But if you want to give your child the gift of music, staying simple will provide them with the desire to learn how to play. Incorporating 88 keys into songs is already a challenge. 

Want to find the best keyboard for your child this holiday season? We can help.