The Piano – A Way To Inspire You

The Internet is filled with YouTube videos that are circulated by the millions. Shared on Facebook, sent via email, and talked about with friends over lunch.

What makes something awe-inspiring is to see something that you never have experienced before.

We see cat videos, dump tactics by people that should know better, or occasionally, something that makes us stand up and truly say wow.

I’ve found a couple videos that do exactly that.

The first – a boring task becomes something exciting that people just can’t stay away from. Who can resist playing the piano simply by walking up and down the stairs?

Next, watch Tom Hanks 25 years after the infamous piano scene in his movie Big recreate it with Sandra Bullock.

And finally, one of the most inspirational videos – how a young autistic boy took piano playing to a whole different level than we could ever imagine. Music, piano playing, and the brain. Its amazing what they can all do together. Watch and be inspired. I was.

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