The Life Lessons You’ll Learn From Piano Lessons

The Life Lessons You’ll Learn From Piano Lessons

I was watching an interview from a man who was approaching his 100th birthday. When someone lives that long, the most logical questions to ask are things like:

What is the secret to living so long?The Life Lessons You’ll Learn From Piano Lessons
What have you learned along the way?

And while his answers were inspirational, they were also very simple. Living a good life doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact it’s usually just the opposite. There are a lot of things you can learn just by being an active participant. But then again, its like that with many things.

I’ve played the piano for decades, and along the way I’ve discovered that learning the piano can teach you a lot about living life. If you play the piano, chances are you have had many years of piano lessons, even if you are simply learning on your own. That’s the beauty of playing the piano, there’s always something more to learn. And you can do so whether you are 10 or 100, and it will all help you grow and become just a little bit more.

Wishing doesn’t make it so

Remember all those New Year’s resolutions you’ve made over the years, promising yourself you’ll accomplish more and do new things? How well did that work for you? Wishing doesn’t make it so. The only way to make it so is to put action behind it. If you’ve had a lifelong desire to play the piano, to become better at creating music, the only way to get there is to do it. Buy a piano. Invest in piano lessons. Put in regular practice. No matter what your ability, no matter what your age.

We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thoughts

How many people have sat down to play the piano and have thought, “I’m not very good”. Yep, and you’ll never be any good as long as you continue to think that way. Who defines what good is? Good can mean many things. You don’t have to play at Carnegie Hall to prove your playability. Playing for your enjoyment can be good enough.

Sometimes your instincts tell you to do something, something that may seem crazy and unbelievable. Follow your instincts.

If a small child wants to learn to play the piano, it’s our jobs to give them the chance. And when they dream big, it’s our job to give them more of a fighting chance to turn it into a reality. That’s where the greatest piano players of our time are created. It doesn’t matter that only a select few will ever be at the top of the business. There are many ways to develop a talent into a lifelong love. What is important is to follow through on the things that bring us the greatest joy.

What are your favorite life lessons?