The Best Stress Management Tool Is The Piano  

The Best Stress Management Tool Is The Piano  

Tired of feeling frustrated, angry, tired of everything in your daily life? 

Looking for a way to destress and get rid of some of those negative feelings?

Maybe it’s time to look at playing the piano as a stress management tool. 

Studies show that musicians are some of the least stressed. When you create music, you get emotional with your work. And by releasing your emotions into your work, you learn how to express your emotions in a variety of ways. The Best Stress Management Tool Is The Piano  

If you hold back those feelings, and release them in ways you don’t like, sitting down at the piano may just give you the release you need. Don’t yell and scream at traffic, turn up the tunes and listen to some of the best piano players in the world. Then take what you hear and put it to good use when you get home – play the piano and let the stress go. 

As you bang out a tune, you can direct your emotions right into the keys. Feel the energy dissipate and direct your focus into the notes. 

Of course, you may be thinking that learning to play will only increase your frustration. What if you can’t get a song right? What if you try something over and over again, and you just can’t get past what you’re trying to learn? 

That’s where lessons come into play. 

You don’t learn to play soccer all by yourself. You sign up for a team. This allows you to receive training from a coach, and put your knowledge to good use with others around you. 

The same applies to learning to play the piano. By signing up with an instructor, you can learn how to do what you do better. They can provide hints to help you get past the frustrating parts, and advance to increase your abilities even more. 

Want more of a challenge? Play with a band. It might only be one or two other instruments, but working together can teach you a lot more than you’ll learn by yourself. It challenges you in new ways. It helps you grow even more. 

Looking for new ways to destress this year? Give the piano a try.