The Best New Pianos On The Market Today

What makes a new piano great? How do you know if you are buying a new piano that will fit perfectly into your home AND make the best sound possible?

All new pianos produced today have one thing in common: they are all unique.

Sure, a piano goes through a process just like the piano before it and the piano after it. Yet no two are exactly alike for a variety of reasons.

  • What kind of wood was selected?
  • Where did the tree come from?
  • Did the tree face drought conditions?
  • Did the tree receive lots of sunlight?

No matter where the wood is gathered from or what conditions it grew in, each tree is unique. Which means when the wood is used to put together the piano, it will impact the quality and sound in a different way.

Then we move on to other questions.

  • How were the keys made?
  • How were the keys placed into the final design?
  • How were the strings attached?
  • What environment was the piano produced in?
  • Where did the piano travel from creation to final destination?

Yes, a lot of questions. But more importantly, a lot of answers.

Each answer has the impact of changing the product in its own unique way.

And finally, what about the brand name?

1. Kohler & Campbell

2. Knabe & Company

3. Seiler

4. Pramberger

5. Samick

6. Chickering

7. Conover Cable

8. Niemeyer

9. Remington

10. Wurlitzer

Yes, they are all world class piano makers. Yet Pramberger develops their pianos in a slightly different manner than Wurlitzer. Samick operates facilities in a different location than Chickering.

Which means each piano from each individual company has its own potential.

Is there a “best” or an “ideal”? Everyone has their own opinions.

Yet if you are in the market for a quality new piano, really the choice is yours.

Which new piano is best for you?

Stop by the best pianos in Memphis and find out for yourself.

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