The Benefits of Teaching Your Kids to Love Music

The Benefits of Teaching Your Kids to Love Music

Music has a big impact on each of our lives. Think back over time – chances are you can associate music with different points in your life. 

  • The first song you remember on the radio
  • The first song you danced to
  • The song you fell in love to
  • The song that pulled you out of a slump

Throughout history, music has been an important part of the human experience. It’s a language that holds us together as a culture. 

For kids, it does even more. 

Teaching kids to love music benefits them in many ways:

  • Playing an instrument significantly increases higher levels of mathematics proficiency by grade 12
  • Improves SAT scores
  • Increases both attendance rates and graduation rates throughout school
  • Lowers current and lifetime substance abuse
  • Teaches self-discipline
  • Shows as higher creativity throughout life

The benefits are many. 

Want to give your child the gift of making music?


The first step is making it a big part of your lives. Make it something you do together as a family. Introduce music in different ways – place a piano in your living space, listen to music together, or sing together in the car. Kids learn best when it’s a family affair. No need to worry if you sing slightly off-key. 


The good news is music is a huge part of our culture, and there are many ways to participate. You’ll find free concerts in your local park in the summer. Or go big and attend a show by your favorite musician. Move across genres, too – when was the last time you heard your local symphony? Check out a musical at your local theater. You may just find you fall in love with a music type you’ve never considered before. 


The wonderful thing about music is that you can participate no matter your age. Sing together. Take piano lessons together. Attend concerts and musicals together. As a family, it gives you something to talk about. It brings you closer because of the way you learn and grow together. 

Chances are you remember music from your life, from when you were a small child to today. It’s impacted you in a big way. 

With all the benefits music can bring, why not expand music in your lives together, to give your child a huge leap of knowledge that will help them throughout their lives.