The Benefits Of Music In Our Schools

The Benefits Of Music In Our Schools

Every year we try and balance all the optional activities available to our kids.

Every year, the school system attempts to provide a well-balanced education for the population.

Are the two meeting in the middle?

One look at our education system will show sports are on the rise and music is on the way down. Yet the sports programs aren’t for everyone. Unless your child has had years of practice, has grown from recreational to competitive before the age of fifteen, chances are they have very little chance of making the team in high school. And that’s a small percentage of the school.The Benefits Of Music In Our Schools

Music, however, it a subject that can enrich a student’s life and education forever. It benefits them from the time they are small children through old age.

Music helps develop language. The left side of the brain is better developed when introduced to music at a young age. It’s not just listening; it’s creating it too. Early musical training develops the areas of the brain related to language and reasoning.

Music gives mastery to memorization. There’s a lot of skill to reading music and interpreting it while playing an instrument. Those skills help develop the part of the brain needed for memorization.

Music increases coordination. Students who practice routinely can improve their hand-eye coordination and increase motor skills.

Music helps kids engage. Music class can offer kids an enjoyable hour in their busy days. When kids have a class they look forward to, they are more likely to stay engaged the entire day.

Music breeds success. Music is the fabric of our society. Music education helps a child develop character and adds to their intellectual development as well.

Music builds imagination. Music offer insight and intrigue into our lives. Artistic education develops the whole brain and brings out the imagination and curiosity.

Music can be relaxing. It’s not always about learning. Sometimes a person can sit down at the piano to take away the stress at the end of a busy day. It’s a skill that can offer stressless activity for life.

Music improves SAT scores. Students who have been taught music performance or appreciation score higher on the SAT. It improves your cognitive and auditory skills, which helps create a better student overall.

Music builds self-confidence. With encouragement from teachers and parents, music can build confidence. It allows a child to communicate on a richer level and love what they are doing each day.