The Advantages of Buying a Used Grand Piano Over New

The Advantages of Buying a Used Grand Piano Over New

Once upon a time, there were hundreds of piano manufacturers creating high-quality instruments. Every grand piano that left the factory was a work of art, ready to be played and enjoyed for years to come. 

Oh, how times have changed. Today, we have three American piano companies crafting new pianos. Most new grand pianos are crafted in Asian factories at a fraction of the cost and quality.  

Instead of heirlooms built for handing down to future generations, these take on a play-and-replace quality meant more for consumption. For pianists who truly want a work of art in their homes, a used grand piano is the only way to go. 

For many piano players, owning a grand piano is a dream come true. Undoubtedly, grand pianos are beautiful instruments that produce some of the most stunning sounds. However, with cost and quality an issue, more people are opting to purchase used grand pianos instead. 

Built from quality materials

It’s hard to beat the quality of the materials used to make grand pianos in the past. Manufacturers didn’t cut corners, and relied on readily available raw materials. Solid hardwood was commonplace. Cheaper materials such as particleboard or MDF are used more frequently today to manufacture new pianos. A used grand piano made with solid wood will produce a richer, fuller sound than one made with cheaper materials.

Hand-crafted one at a time

Unlike newer pianos, which are often produced using machines in a mass production line, used grand pianos were handmade by skilled craftsmen, one at a time. This allowed for each piano to have its unique sound and personality. While mass production is great for producing new pianos more quickly and efficiently, it also means that they may lack the unique characteristics of a used piano.

Unique look you won’t find anywhere else

Do you prefer a one-of-a-kind look? New grand pianos are designed to look modern and sleek, which may not be everyone’s taste. A used grand piano, on the other hand, has a unique personality that is often reflected in its design. It may have slight wear and tear or markings that can tell a story about the previous owner, creating a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

Built to last

With proper maintenance, a used grand piano can last for decades or even centuries, as evidenced by some of the oldest grand pianos still in use today. A high-quality used grand piano will hold its value better over time compared to a new one, making it a worthwhile investment for serious pianists.

Is a used grand piano in your future?

Want a piano with character and personality? It might be time to purchase a used grand piano. With so many advantages, it might be the right choice for you.  Used grand pianos offer an opportunity to own a piece of history with a soul and a story. As an investment, purchasing a used grand piano is a wise decision for anyone serious about playing the piano.

Is it right for you?