Taking Up The Piano At Any Age Can Be Beneficial For Your Brain

Taking Up The Piano At Any Age Can Be Beneficial For Your Brain

As a parent, we want to expose our children to the right activities. We want to set them up for success with everything they do. We want to expand their knowledge, try a little of everything, then help them make the right selections to carry with them for the rest of their lives.

The power of a music background is obvious almost from the moment you hear of it. We’ve all heard of theories like The Mozart Effect. Yet pushing a child into something that may be a little different from the norm can sometimes be difficult. If “the gang” is all hanging out on the soccer field, what motivation does a child have for sitting in front of a piano?Taking Up The Piano At Any Age Can Be Beneficial For Your Brain

Yet piano playing isn’t just for kids; that’s what extends its power throughout a person’s life. The more scientific research is performed, the more is discovered about the benefits it can have from childhood through old age.

Health benefits are numerous and include things like:

  • auditory improvement
  • increased cognitive skills
  • improved coordination

The therapeutic value in not only included in playing the piano, it can be equally as valuable to listen to piano music.

  • It has a pacifying affect which helps reduce stress
  • It can maintain a level of mental engagement
  • It can improve language skills, including listening, reading, verbal fluency and memory

And as an afterschool activity, it can give your child the extra stamina they need to do even better in school. Piano playing has been shown to increase test scores, improve SAT scores, even help with both reading and math related technical skills. Yes, music majors are often highest in their class when it comes to moving into pre-med related studies.

Its not just a passive exercise, it is an interactive experience.

For all of these reasons, playing the piano provides a wealth of benefits, no matter what age each member is in your family. It all starts with owning a piano, and having it available to play and practice at any time. Take some time today to visit and find the perfect instrument for you.