Finding The Ultimate Worship Piano  

Finding The Ultimate Worship Piano  

Every industry, every field is seeing massive change thanks to technology. The piano industry is no different. 

Churches used to be able to purchase a simple acoustic piano and have it meet all their needs. If you’ve been in the market to upgrade your piano, you know a lot has changed. No longer is your choice limited to an upright or a grand. Instead, you can quickly become overwhelmed by technology, finding pianos that do just about everything you could dream. Finding The Ultimate Worship Piano  

Just as likely is to get overwhelmed and overdazzled with the bells and whistles. If would be nice to be able to add in different instruments, right? Or play different sounds – that would make it a better addition to your events, right?

Very quickly your piano and organ overlap. And you wind up with an instrument you don’t like and can’t use the way it was intended. 

The problems most encountered by well-meaning buyers are they become distracted by purchasing pianos that are:

Too complicated: The WOW buttons may seem like a good thing in the store, but often are things that will never be used. If you’re using your piano for real-time performances, do you really need screens and sampling and workstations that allow editing and mixing?

Don’t sound right: Money doesn’t always equate to a better sound. But if you’re purchasing a piano for a very low price, suffice to say it won’t have a warm sound. And that will echo throughout every performance you have. 

Cheaply made: Worship pianos are usually transferred from room to room, from group to group. They should be rugged to handle a variety of uses. 

Have too many potential distractions: During services, pianists are watching a variety of things to keep everything on track. What if they hit a wrong button and a rhythm sounds across the hall and they can’t turn it off? 

While this is by now means a full list of distractions, your end goal is to find a perfect piano for your needs. And that can be difficult, especially when you have dozens of other things on your mind. 

That’s where we can help. We can help ask the right questions to find out what your needs and goals are, and help you make the right selection for your church.