Piano For A Healthy Mind, Body, and Soul

Piano For A Healthy Mind, Body, and Soul

Have you ever noticed that when a piano is in the room, we’re naturally drawn to it? Children of all ages will wander over, put fingers to the keys and start tapping out a tune. 

As humans, we have an innate ability to transfer our love of music down through our fingers and onto the keys. While we may not master the art of playing Bach at our first sitting, everyone can tap out beloved songs like Twinkle Twinkle or Chopsticks just by touching the keys. Piano For A Healthy Mind, Body, and Soul

For some of us, we choose to continue that love and play throughout our lives. When your fingers reach for the keys and music fills the air, it can be a release like no other. Piano has been proven to help you decompress after a busy day, relieving stress and helping you relax. Piano can be the perfect solution for creating a healthy mind, body, and soul. 


When you sit down and play the piano, your mind drifts to the task at hand. You focus in on the work your fingers are performing, listening carefully to the music being created. That problem you had earlier in the day simply drifts away. 

Piano is a creative activity. It brings out your imaginative talents and helps break monotonous routines. And because it engages various senses throughout your body, it helps keep you mentally fit. Studies show that piano players have higher IQ levels, perform better on tests, and have less memory-related challenges. It’s truly a great activity no matter what your age. 


Keeping the mind in top condition invariably leads to keeping you physically fit as well. A mentally relaxed person is less stressed. That means muscles and ligaments are more relaxed. 

A stressed person often has anxiety built up inside. As that starts fading away, it can reduce the pressures throughout your body, including reducing your heart rate and respiratory conditions. When you are in touch with your creative side, it impacts your immune system and gives you the mental capacity to try new things. 

Inner Peace

When your mind relaxes and your body feels good, you’ll be more likely to find inner peace. Playing a song well can give you satisfaction at a job done well. It can help you leave your cares behind, and give you a new outlook on life. 

Whether you are just starting out or have played the piano for years, don’t just think of it as making music, think of it as a release for your soul. Playing piano is the perfect way for you to stay healthy, mind, body and soul.