How Do I Know Which Piano To Buy?

How Do I Know Which Piano To Buy?

You’re ready to buy a piano. Which piano should you buy? With so many to choose from, it can be a difficult decision. 

Yet before you let “price” factor in and make a selection you regret, get a better understanding of knowing how to find the right piano to suit your needs. 

Start with your desires

Why do you want to learn the piano? Why are you introducing the piano into your kids’ lives? For most, it comes down to a desire to make music. Maybe you’ve read studies showing that playing the piano boosts brain power, increases memory skills, and can significantly raise test scores. Perhaps you’ve seen it’s a good hobby to pursue to lower anxiety and help with stress relief. 

This is your why. You have a desire to learn, with end goals in mind. It helps you understand where you wish to take your piano playing now and into the future. 

When you see this as a long-term goal, why settle on a piano that won’t be able to help you with that goal? It can help you answer questions like:

  • Do I like the way this piano sounds?
  • Does this piano fit nicely into my decor?
  • Will it suit my needs for many years to come?

Why price doesn’t matter – or does it?

It’s easy to shop for anything based on price, including a new piano. You have a budget in mind. And when you start looking at pianos, you’ll see their prices vary greatly. You can get one for free on Craigslist, significantly rising when you walk into a piano store. What’s the difference?

It ultimately comes down to playability. 

When you find “free” deals, it’s usually from an individual who no longer wants the piano. It’s sat in a corner for years – decades – gathering dust. It hasn’t been played. It hasn’t been tuned. And chances are, it’s lost its voice. You’ll hear it when you sit down to play. And it might take significant time, energy, and money to bring it back to playing condition. 

When you want to play the piano, you need the proper tools. That means a high-quality piano that captures your attention, is fun to play, and creates beautiful music to your ear. It gives you every reason to have the desire to sit down and play, and to continue playing the piano. 

Select the right one

Piano players change over time. The more you play, the more you’ll understand the piano. 

The piano you select today may not last for your lifetime, although it could. This may also be a time to choose a starter piano, to provide you with the best instrument to build your understanding, while fitting nicely into your budget. You’ll know when it’s time to upgrade, and move into a better playing instrument. 

Sit down and play. Then try another one. The only way you’ll find one that works for you is to try several out. 

You’ll be able to hear the difference. And with a piano expert to help guide you, you’ll quickly be able to assess which piano to buy.