What Music Teaches You About Life

What Music Teaches You About Life

How many times a day does a song play in your mind? 

We teach kids the alphabet with a song. We recall the best times we had in school with music. No matter what memories you recollect as you move through life, chances are there’s a tune that goes along with it. 

Music is an important part of our lives. From age 1 to 100, life wouldn’t be the same without music. It provides entertainment and helps us get through the toughest time of our lives. We face it all a little easier knowing a familiar tune shows us the way. 

But what happens when you create music instead of just listen to it? What Music Teaches You About Life

Studies show it impacts you in many ways. 

When you create music, your creativity increases. Creating music gives you a chance to express your creative side. No matter if you’re performing a popular piece of music, or have authored your own, your personality can shine through. 

Whether it’s for yourself, or you’re on stage performing in front of an audience, creating music lets you:

  • Connect with your audience and build stronger relationships
  • Helps you conquer your fears and perform to please those around you
  • Soothes your anxieties by giving you a chance to face them head on
  • Develop a can-do attitude
  • Appreciate acceptance from those around you
  • Feel inspired to pursue your dreams and push yourself to achieve even more
  • Build self-confidence

Have a budding musician in your household? Want to let your kids be more creative, build more self-confidence, and give them a can-do attitude? Why not let them play the piano?