Silent Piano Concerts: The Newest Rage

Silent Piano Concerts: The Newest Rage

Looking for something to do on Saturday night? Want to experience something new?

You might try attending a silent piano concert. 

What’s that you say? A concert that’s silent? How can that be?

Silent piano concerts are a new invention that are sweeping the world. They are one of the most unusual events you’ll attend. Silent Piano Concerts: The Newest Rage

The idea is intriguing. Instead of sitting in a concert hall letting the sounds revolve around you, you stroll through the performance area instead. There you’ll find a series of piano, piano players in position pounding out their tunes. 

If you choose to listen, you pause, grab a pair of headphones and transport yourself away to listen in to what the artist is creating. 

Really, it’s not that difficult to understand how silent piano concerts evolved. As digital pianos became more prominent, one of the biggest factors of investing in one was the ability to play anywhere. In the middle of a crowded room. In an apartment complex filled with people. Pianists learned they could plug headphones into their piano and practice all hours of the day without interrupting the world rushing by. 

Imagine a pianist as they develop their rhythm, write their compositions, and play to the best of their ability. They don’t judge the sound based on the surrounding area. They judge it based on what occurs between the headphones, what they hear as the music envelopes them. 

Why shouldn’t you hear it that way too?