What’s The Right Piano Model For Your Needs?

What’s The Right Piano Model For Your Needs?

A piano is one of the oldest modern day instruments we use. Head back to the early 18th century; the pianoforte was developed as an update to the older harpsichord. It gave pianoforte players the ability to play notes at different volumes, thus creating more variety in the music played. 

Today’s pianos haven’t changed much over the past few decades. If you want to purchase a new piano for your home, acoustic pianos are a great way to help you produce beautiful sounds. But no matter what your goals and needs are for selecting a new instrument, you’ll have to make a few decisions before you can start making music. What’s The Right Piano Model For Your Needs?

New or Used

Pianos are one of the few instruments where you can select old or new, and receive a high quality instrument. If you know what to look for. Because acoustic pianos haven’t changed a lot in the twentieth century, you can find excellent used pianos that make a great addition to your home. Always look for a piano that properly cared for by the owner if you’re selecting a used one. By trusting a reputable dealer, you’ll ensure you’re buying the highest quality piano for your money. 

Acoustic vs Digital

Of course, modern day changes have allowed digital to change the way we play piano too. Digital pianos don’t use strings to create sound. Instead, digital pianos record the sounds from high quality acoustic pianos and use that to create a rich, full sound. If the convenience of digital suits your needs, be sure you listen to the sound. Does it sound like a piano, or can you hear a tinny, more electronic sound? 

Upright vs Grand

If you have your heart set on bringing an acoustic piano into your home, you’ll have to decide between an upright or a grand. An upright stands upright – it’s taller than it is wide, and is a great choice when space is a factor. A grand piano is larger, with its body lying parallel to the floor. You’ll often hear a grand piano referred to as a concert piano, as it’s the most common piano used in performances. 

In general, a grand piano has a more full bodied sound. Many homeowners dream of having a grand piano on display, and it can add beauty and ambiance to any music room. 

Which model is right for you?

When shopping, consider what you’re goals and needs are. Will you be playing regularly or once in a while? Will you be making an investment that will last you years to come, or are you willing to upgrade in just a few years? 

Not sure? Why not stop by and see our full selection of acoustic pianos, both upright and grand. We can help you make the right selection for your needs.