Should I Think About Repairing an Old Piano?

Should I Think About Repairing an Old Piano?

While it’s sometimes nice to get new things, other times something old and familiar is much more appealing. 

Your piano has sat in your living room for years. Or maybe you grew up playing it – you remember your grandmother sitting down to play. While it may not be considered an antique by others, it has sentimental value, and you have no intention of trading it in for something new. 

But it doesn’t play the way it used to. When you sit down at the piano and run through your scales, you can hear notes that just aren’t quite right. It’s noticeable, and it’s getting worse. 

Should you consider repairing your old piano? 


If your piano has sentimental value, fixing it up and making it playable again will keep the memories alive. We all have personal assets in our homes that remind us of people and places that were important in our lives. If you remember singing Christmas carols with the family, or learning to play when you were a child, renovating the piano is a great way to keep an important part of your life close by. 

Or maybe you have young children now, and you’re considering afterschool activities. Sports or the arts? While sports encourage teamwork and provide a workout, the arts feature learning that can provide a lifetime of enjoyment. Music is a gift that keeps on giving – it improves IQ, helps with memory skills, and encourages lifelong learning. 

Are you considering repairing your old piano? 

Before you take the next step, inspect the piano inside and out. Does it have cosmetic damage? Are keys broken? Does each key create a sound? By looking at the piano, you can quickly determine how much care or neglect it’s had over the last few years. A neglected piano will take more time and repair to bring it back to working condition. A poor quality piano may not be worth repairing. 

How do you know? 

If it’s important to you, it’s worth the time to talk with an expert about the possibilities of restoration and repair. 

Give us a call today. We can help you determine the right path for you, whether it’s repairing your existing piano, or investing in a new one.