Are Refurbished Pianos As Good As New?

Are Refurbished Pianos As Good As New?

So it’s time to bring a piano into your home. Where do you begin?

When you’ve decided you or your child will begin playing the piano, the first step is to find a piano to practice on regularly. And in most cases, the deciding factor comes down to cost, how much you can spend.Are Refurbished Pianos As Good As New?

After all, pianos can be very expensive, depending on the make and model you select. Which leaves many would-be piano owners searching out the best deals. It takes a lot of time to wade through your options.

There’s also a lot of risks.

Used pianos are marketed in a wide variety of ways. What does it all mean? Are there some you can trust more than others?

Remanufactured Pianos
Remanufactured pianos will ensure the piano is in new-like condition, both regarding appearance and performance. It will have new hammers, felts, strings, action parts, a new soundboard, and pinblock. In most cases it will also go through a refinishing process.

Rebuilt Pianos
If a piano is listed as rebuilt, it has gone through several changes, such as receiving new strings, a new soundboard, or a new pinblock. Most rebuilt pianos are also refinished too.

Reconditioned Pianos
A reconditioned piano usually signifies the piano has had strings and/or hammers replaced.

Restored Pianos
A restored piano is often a generic term used to describe a piano that has been remanufactured, rebuilt or refinished.

Refurbished Pianos
A refurbished piano typically takes it to the next level. Pianos that are refurbished will go through a lot of work, such as new strings, hammers, felts, pinblocks and soundboard. They may also be refinished in the process. At the completion, a refurbished piano will also be tuned and have regulation of the piano action.

If you are on a budget and wonder how you can purchase the best piano in your price range, looking at refurbished pianos may be your best alternative. Refurbished pianos have almost everything repaired or replaced within the parts. In most cases, they are as good as new. It is important that you thoroughly inspect the refurbished piano to make sure it meets your standards.

Look for a reputable dealer that can provide information about previous owners and its current condition.

Look for dealer’s warranties to protect you in the future.

Ask questions. This can ensure you are comfortable with your purchase.