Frequently Asked Questions About Piano Buying

Frequently Asked Questions About Piano Buying

With as many decades in the music business as we have, we’ve had a lot of questions come our way. Whether you are looking at buying, selling or restoring a piano, have questions about learning how to play, or something in between, we usually can provide you with the answer quickly. (And if you stump us with your question, we’ll research it and get back with you!)

Over the years, these are just a few of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

How much does a piano cost?Frequently Asked Questions About Piano Buying
This is obviously one of our top questions, and one that can be the biggest for concern, especially if you are living on a budget. Pianos don’t have to be the most expensive item in your home, and they can be quite affordable depending on what you choose.

Your first choice in choosing a piano is deciding between digital, upright and grand. Then you’ll have to decide between new and used. In many cases your ultimate decision should be based on the space you have for your piano, and how you will play it. A band member who chooses to take his piano with him wherever he goes has different needs than a family that would like a piano on display in their home.

Can you find pianos for thousands upon thousands of dollars? Of course. If you have a very specific make and model in mind, a one of a kind piano that will truly be a pleasure to own and to play, yes its available. But that’s not our norm. Our normal piano sale is to people just like you, looking for a quality piano to make music more enjoyable as you play.

Can I trade in my old piano?
The simple answer is yes. We’re always interested in the piano you currently own, and helping you upgrade to something that suits your needs today. If you have any questions, the best place to start is by giving us a call. We can take a look at what you have and determine the value of your piano before we start the process of finding a new one for you.

Why should I buy a new piano instead of buying one of Craigslist?
Why is it that you can find a piano for a few hundred dollars on Craigslist (or sometimes even for free)? Logic tells you its because someone has a worn out old piano that’s been in storage for years, and they’re truing to sell it today to make a few extra bucks. But like anything on Craigslist, you have no idea the condition its really in. Was in stored in a corner of the living room, or out in a shed in the backyard? Was it tuned last year, or several decades ago? Was it covered and cared for, or was it used for storage, with things place both inside and on the outside of the piano? With Craigslist, there are no guarantees. With us, there are.

Why does a piano require regular tuning?
A piano is mostly made out of wood. As the environment around it changes, the wooden structure changes as well. Temperature variations, humidity levels, air flow from vents and doorways, even sunlight streaming in from your window all can take its toll. As the wood swells and contracts, the relationship with the connection between the sounding board and the steel wire strings changes as well. The result is a piano that gradually goes out of tune. Regular tuning brings the piano back to its optimal level of performance, giving you the best sound possible.

How often do I have to tune my piano?
We usually recommend two to three times a year for best performance. Ideally, having your piano adjusted at the beginning of each season, to adjust for the changes that occur with the seasonal changes would leave your piano in top shape. If you have a new piano, it may need more regular tuning for the first year or two as it adjusts to its new environment. And if you move your piano to another room, or to another home, a tuning will adjust it for its new environment.

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