How To Shop For A Pre-Owned Piano

How To Shop For A Pre-Owned Piano

Thinking of buying a pre-owned piano?

Keep in mind that all pre-owned pianos are not the same. While they may look good on the outside, it’s the playability that matters most. Which is why its important to know how to find the best pre-owned piano to suit your needs.How To Shop For A Pre-Owned Piano

Finding the right piano ensures you will have years of musical enjoyment and entertainment, as well as make a sound financial investment.

Know Your Piano

You can find a pre-owned piano just about anywhere. Craigslist, Ebay, even your local garage sale can dig up unbelievable “deals”. But are they really deals? Do you know where the piano has been? Do you know if it has sustained damage over the years? Do you know the last time the piano was tuned? Sitting in an unheated garage for twenty years accumulating dust and debris will not be a good choice no matter how much of a beginner you are. Reputable piano dealers are the only way you will have a guarantee as to how well your piano will play.


What kind of a guarantee do you have to ensure the quality of the piano? Reputable dealers offer warranties and guarantees to make sure not only that the piano is a top quality instrument, but also to ensure that you are happy with your purchase.

Do Your Research

Do you know the difference between an upright and a grand? Do you know the difference between a repaired and a restored? A piano is not a piano. There are many different brands, many different nuances that make each piano unique. The more you consider your needs, the more detailed you can be when you shop, and truly get the right piano for you.

Examine The Piano

Never buy a pre-owned piano without the chance to fully examine it first. It also will benefit you to to bring in a certified technician to examine it as well. As a general rule, make sure the piano is fully functional, fully playable, and sounds great to your ear. Never purchase a piano with the promise of a repair or a rebuild, as they mean different things to different people.

Know The Rebuild

Pianos can last a family for generations if maintained properly. In some cases that may mean regular tuning. And in some cases a complete rebuild may be in order. Restoration is popular in the piano world, especially with high end pianos. Yet do you really want to invest in a Steinway that is made up of lesser quality parts? What a reputable dealer will tell you is not usually something you’ll hear from an individual seller on Craigslist. The more you know the condition of the pre-owned piano you are considering, the happier you’ll be with your purchase for the long term.