Don’t Include A Portable Piano On Your Christmas Wish List

Don’t Include A Portable Piano On Your Christmas Wish List

Parents have a lot of opinions on the best way to teach their kids. But I’ll bet you’ve never heard these:

Learn to read, and I’ll buy you a book. 

Learn a sport, and I’ll buy you the proper gear. 

Why? It’s pretty obvious. In both examples, parents realize that you have to have the proper tools to excel. And as a parent, it’s our job to ensure they have what it takes to succeed. 

That’s why it’s funny the approach many parents take when it comes to music. Don’t Include A Portable Piano On Your Christmas Wish List

They want to push their kids to be musically inclined. They may have even read about the advantages of kids who play music. Yes, they often have better organizational skills. And yes, they often do a lot better on tests. But then they head out and price a piano and freeze. Can they really afford that?

So they look for alternatives. And it’s easy to find a cheap alternative to a piano in your favorite big box store. Why not get a portable piano as a gift and see if your child takes to it? If they seem to like it, you can always upgrade later. 

And that’s where the problems begin. 

Interest alone can’t help your child become a great musician. You have to have the proper tools to ensure she gains the proper skill set along the way. 

Those cheap imitations can’t compete with the real thing. They don’t sound the same. They don’t play the same. And when you can’t hear proper intonation or feel the way a piano is designed to feel, it can throw your skills off as you learn and grow. 

It’s also important to treat it as a commitment, not as a hobby. And when you buy a portable piano, you often treat it as a toy. Lessons and practice take commitment. You have to ensure it’s built into your week. If you’re not committed, your child never will be. And they’ll lose the skill long before they ever gain it. 

Are you committed to giving your child the gift of music? Invest in a quality piano today.