The Differences Between Portable Keyboards and Digital Pianos

The Differences Between Portable Keyboards and Digital Pianos

Pianos have long been a fixture in the household, dating as far back as the 1600s. While they have changed a small amount over the years, for the most part the piano is similar in style to the original piece created all those years ago.

The Differences Between Portable Keyboards and Digital PianosBut with the technological advances we’ve made over the past few decades, the piano has made rapid advances as well. Digital pianos and portable keyboards have made their way into the piano family. These new innovations may seem the same but they are in fact very different. So what are the differences between portable keyboards and digital pianos? It all comes to their size, their features, and how much they cost.


One of the main differences between portable keyboards and digital pianos is their size. Portable keyboards are smaller for transporting. This is why they are called portable. Weighing less than 20 pounds, also have a smaller range of keys. Portable keyboards are easy to store and carry around.

On the other hand, digital pianos are impossible to store because they can weigh up to 70 pounds. They also have more keys than the portable counterpart. They typically come with their own case or stand that is meant for a more permanent display within your home.


Of course, the bigger model is usually more expensive, and this is the case when comparing the prices of digital pianos and portable keyboards. Digital pianos cost a great deal more than the portable keyboards, and you can spend thousands of dollars depending on the brand and features. However, portable keyboards are less expensive. You can get a portable keyboard for a few hundred dollars depending on size.


The keys on a portable keyboard are very light and feel like plastic. They might not have touch-sensitivity, so the ability to play numerous notes at once may be limited. The keys on a digital piano are full-length, and some models have adjustable touch-sensitivity. They also have an acoustic feel to them.

The differences between portable and digital pianos can be dramatic. The best way to learn more about each and which is the best fit for you is to head in to a reputable piano dealer. You can try out a variety of makes and models, and determine which meets your objectives in the best possible way.